Facebook has hired the co-founders of MailRank, a start-up that aims to help users prioritise their emails.

Bethanye McKinney Blount and Bryan O’Sullivan will be shutting down MailRank to join Facebook in December of this year.

Yesterday’s announcement has led to speculation that the social network is about to overhaul its messaging service.

A blog post on MailRank’s website read, “At Facebook, we’ll be working with a first-class team on our favourite types of technology problems while supporting a great product people use every day.”

However, the pair are yet to reveal exactly what they’ll be doing for their new employer.

MailRank describes itself as a hands-free email prioritisation without complicated configuration and rules, stating that the service aims to free users from the ‘vicious circle’ of an overflowing email inbox.

The hiring of McKinney Blount and O’Sullivan suggests that Mark Zuckerberg may be evolving his claim from November last year that ’email is dead’ as he launched Facebook’s own messaging service.

Now almost a year has passed, and the impact of Facebook’s ‘Gmail killer’ has been next to nothing. This move however signals fresh interest from within and new developments on the horizon.