Have a craving for a pizza? Normally, you’d have to step away from the computer and make a call, but the next time you’re hungry, you might not have to move or pick up the phone to fill your stomach.

If you happen to live in New Zealand or Australia, you can now place your order on Facebook instead thanks to Domino’s Pizza.

As reported by Showroom.co.nz, “Domino’s has designed and built an ordering capability into their Facebook pages to ensure customers can order their favourite pizza without leaving the site they spend significant time on each day.”

There are two versions of Domino’s Pizza’s Facebook app: one automatically shares a customer’s order with her friends, while the other allows a customer to decide what is shared with her social graph. Once an order is placed, a Pizza Tracker allows the soon-to-be-not-hungry customer to track the order process, and if the outcome of an order is as satisfying as Domino’s hopes it is, the company is even encouraging customers to ‘like’ their favorite pizzas.

The big question: will this drive substantial business, or is it just the latest eye-popping Facebook marketing initiative? Domino’s Pizza’s Australian Facebook Page has more than 570,000 likes, and its New Zealand Page has more than 156,000. That certainly gives it something to work with.

But Facebook commerce hasn’t always lived up to the hype — at least not yet — and just because we know that Facebook is ‘where the consumers are’ doesn’t mean that getting them to buy things while browsing around the world’s largest social network is an easy thing to do. The good news for Domino’s is that everybody eats, and when you want a pizza, you want a pizza. So getting someone to order an extra large with everything on it through Facebook may prove easier than selling, say, a watch or patio table.