Dopplr, a social network for frequent travellers, has raised early stage funding from Martin Varsavsky, Joi Ito, Reid Hoffman and Saul Klein’s Accelerator Group.   

Dopplr allows users to share future travel plans with fellow travellers they have chosen to link up with. When you plan a trip, it reminds you of contacts that will be in the place you plan to visit.


The site was launched earlier this year and is operated by Dopplr Ltd, a company based in Helsinki. Founders include Matt Jones and Matt Biddulph, who have previously worked on web projects for the BBC.

The site is nice and focused, and is simple to use – ideal if you and your friends/colleagues travel a lot and want to keep up with each other’s trips.

It runs on Ruby on Rails, and also makes good use of Google Maps to display destinations. It already has a Facebook application in the works, and has just released an API.

While the site has no obvious way of making money at the moment, it will have an extremely targeted audience that would appeal to advertisers. It is currently in private beta - you need to be invited by a fellow traveller at the moment.

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