E-Commerce directors? E-commerce managers/team-leaders? E-commerce team members? Consultants/agencies? Online shoppers? Or how about all of them?

  1. E-commerce directors.  Design patterns can provide the foundation for capturing and documenting your own in-house knowledge and expertise. They can also guide and inform benchmarks for comparing your own site with those of your competitors. All based on industry best-practice!
  2. E-commerce managers/team-leaders. Design patterns can help you manage the complexity of your e-commerce site – the patterns themselves provide a standard parts-list for e-commerce and pattern clusters show how these parts fit together to provide functionality to the customer. They also stop your team from re-inventing the wheel and losing the solutions to problems they’ve already solved.
  3. E-commerce teams.  Design patterns provide simple checklists of best practice, along with explanations of the basis upon which best-practice was chosen. Spend more of your time doing what you do best – adding value to the online customer experience 
  4. Consultants, agencies and other thought-leaders. Design patterns provide a solid foundation for advice and guidance on e-commerce, upon which value can be added, according to your areas of specialist expertise.
  5. Online shoppers. Design patterns capture best-practice which, to us means practice leading to the best online customer experience.
  6. All of the above! Design patterns have the potential to engaging the entire e-commerce community in constructive and focused conversation. There is no doubt that the fierce competition in the marketplace will limit the scope of this conversation but that doesn’t mean everything should be off-limits. Just as nobody wants to re-invent the wheel within their own organisation, it makes little more sense to re-invent anyone else’s wheel either. We hope you will join us!

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