Ecommerce Deep Dive Courses

On-demand and online training programme for digital marketers

The Ecommerce Deep Dive Channel is for organisations and marketing professionals looking to take the effectiveness of their ecommerce operations to the next level.

This series of three plans will help you learn how to:

  • apply new thinking on how to nurture your brand in the rapidly growing world of ecommerce
  • develop a path to purchase that delivers an effective customer experience
  • maximise ROI from your ecommerce investment
  • turn your customers into brand loyalists

Omnichannel Ecommerce: Planning and Customer Acquisition

Omnichannel Ecommerce: Planning and Customer Acquisition begins with the Ecommerce Formula and how to use it, before examining the varied and emerging ecommerce models, and moving on to acquiring traffic through organic and paid channels. The plan closes with an essential course on how to integrate ecommerce into the wider business.

This plan contains six courses:

  • Introduction to planning and customer acquisition
  • Unlocking the ecommerce formula
  • Ecommerce business models
  • Acquiring ecommerce traffic: social, offline and partnerships
  • Acquiring ecommerce traffic: paid search, shopping ads and targeting
  • Integrating ecommerce and the wider business

Ecommerce Conversion: Converting Traffic to Buyers

Converting Traffic to Buyers takes you through the purchase funnel, from how to set the scene with navigation and browse and deploy landing pages that convert, to winning the digital shelf, providing seamless checkout experiences and preventing cart abandonment.

This plan contains six courses:

  • Introduction to converting traffic to buyers
  • Optimising global navigation and onsite search
  • Creating landing pages
  • Winning the digital shelf
  • Successful shopping beasket and checkout experience
  • Dealing with cart abandonment


Ecommerce Retention: Turning Buyers to Loyalists

Turning Buyers to Loyalists explores the keys to successful retention, including how to best attract first-party data, use powerful personas and successful segments, leverage email, deploy personalisation and maximise the impact of customer feedback.

This plan contains six courses:

  • Introduction to ecommerce retention: turning buyers into loyalists
  • Retaining customers with first-party data
  • The power of personas and successful segmentation
  • Leveraging broadcast and eutomated email
  • The importance of personalisation
  • Maximising the impact of customer feedback

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