Econsultancy has today launched a new elearning course, Persuasion Architecture and Tactics for the Digital Store, adding to its Ecommerce Deep Dive learning plans, which now feature 25 courses and 12+ hours of elearning.

Persuasion is a well-established concept in the worlds of user experience and conversion rate optimisation, as well as more broadly in the application of behavioural science to marketing. The ethical use of psychological techniques can help shoppers progress through the conversion funnel, make a purchase without friction and feel good about their decision.

The new course looks at: the role of customer insight in persuasion marketing; case studies showing common persuasion principles in action (including well-known concepts such as social proof and scarcity); and persuasion planning frameworks to align tactics to the user journey.

The persuasion course joins two others on pricing strategies and product content for the digital store, in a Mastering Ecommerce learning plan which examines critical levers of ecommerce optimisation.

Econsultancy’s learning plans in the Ecommerce Deep Dive include:

Econsultancy also has a range of Ecommerce Best Practice Guides, trends reports and briefings.

Further information

Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Deep Dive comprises 25 courses and 12 hours of learning, which can also now be accessed ‘in the flow’ of work through 60+ microlearning modules.

The Customer Experience and Data and Analytics Deep Dives are also available in structured and ‘in the flow’ formats including topics such as customer journey mapping, understanding experience with data, data acquisition and management, and data activation.

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