Online will account for 15.2% of all consumer retail sales in 2015

2014 was another record breaking year for ecommerce, and its upward trajectory is set to continue. 

The Centre for Retail Research, for example, forecasts that the average European shopper will spend £820 in 2015 (up from £738) with online accounting for 15.2% of all consumer retail sales.

What’s driving this growth? 

To explore this further, I recently gave a talk on the latest Ecommerce trends, highlighting best practise case studies from John Lewis, Amazon, L’Oreal, Rebecca Minkoff and Nike.

Much of this talk is anchored to a range of recent Econsultancy reports, and you’ll see compelling charts from the latest Quarterly Digital Intelligence BriefingThe Digital Experience report, and a Marketer’s Guide to Wearable Technology amongst others.

Sit back, and enjoy the show (biscuits optional)

Areas under review include the use of customer experience to compete and gain competitive advantage, the importance of personalisation, and the growing role of mobile as a channel. 

I also looked at emerging trends from the connected store to the use of predictive analytics and the opportunities presented by wearable technology.

Apologies in advance, but it was hard to fit all this into anything less than a 27 minute show – so feel free to make yourself a cup of tea, get comfy and click on the video above.