Ecommerce Trends

From the proliferation of shoppable formats to the emergence of  AI-enabled capabilities, we are entering a new stage in the evolution, adoption and role of digital commerce.

This 60-minute session will draw on Econsultancy’s latest research, insights and best practice to help marketers and ecommerce professionals understand key trends, identify opportunities and optimise their ecommerce strategy through this year and beyond.

It will cover:

  • Current market and consumer trends, and how these are informing how businesses approach ecommerce operations and strategy.
  • Useful frameworks and best-in-market examples from across the customer journey.
  • Emerging channels and capabilities, from social commerce and shoppable content to AI-enabled features.
  • Sustainability within ecommerce and how to address consumers’
    eco anxieties.


Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Best Practice Guide

This report examines the opportunities in DTC for a broad cross-section of businesses, from digital startups to legacy brands. It provides frameworks, models, metrics and case studies that can be used to build an effective DTC strategy.

The Future of Retail Media

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Social Commerce Best Practice Guide

As social commerce continues to evolve, it has become an essential part of how many brands do business online. This best practice guide looks at developing a selling strategy across each of the major platforms, including influencer marketing and emerging trends within the space.

three miniature shopping trolleys placed sideways in a row on a light turquoise background

The Fundamentals of Ecommerce Strategy

Ecommerce success depends on a specific set of factors. This chapter runs through the fundamentals of ecommerce strategy, the formula for driving success, models that outline what the business needs to support an ecommerce function, and the components required in an ecommerce tech stack. The ecommerce formula At the most fundamental level, ecommerce success is […]

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