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Ecommerce Trends

Econsultancy’s Senior Analyst, Lynette Saunders, picked the brains of ecommerce experts from companies including Deliveroo, Nespresso and L’Oréal to compile this report, which looks at the trends impacting ecommerce and the ways in which you can amend or optimise your ecommerce tactics accordingly.

Ecommerce Trends

1. Introduction By the end of 2019, there will be close to 1.92 billion online buyers, representing around 25% of the world’s population shopping online. This figure is rapidly rising and is expected to reach 2.14 billion people in 2021.[1] With more people shopping online, every company should be considering their ecommerce business. The ecommerce […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Price Comparison Websites

1. Introduction Over the last two decades a swathe of price comparison websites (PCW) have emerged, offering consumers a one-stop-shop for comparing the prices of a product or service. PCWs act as vertical search engines, aggregating product listings from multiple retailers. PCWs such as uSwitch,, MoneySuperMarket and GoCompare are an important part of the marketing […]

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Fashion ecommerce 2020: Which trends are disrupting the industry?

Fashion ecommerce is continuously changing, with consumer expectations pushing brands to innovate in order to stand out amid stiff competition. So, how are fashion ecommerce brands rising to the challenge?

This briefing covers new and current trends within the industry, information on the brands that are demonstrating best practice, and a look at how it’s paying off.

Ecommerce fundamentals

What ecommerce is and key considerations for providing an effective online selling platform.

Ecommerce optimisation

Why digital teams need to understand and improve on-site conversion funnels.


"Globally, 75% of consumers say they expect to see delivery options on the product page"

Browse, save and export hundreds more ecommerce statistics and charts in Econsultancy’s Internet Statistics Database. Constantly updated to reflect the latest findings.

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Fast Track Training: Ecommerce & Online Merchandising

This course deep dives into the fundamentals of online selling, guiding you through a framework for online merchandising. From product selection and presentation, through to search, sorting, filtering and promotions.

1-day course | various dates | London

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Ecommerce best practice guide

Ecommerce Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction Econsultancy’s series of Best Practice Guides have been created for Internet professionals who typically work in marketing or ecommerce roles. The guides steer readers to ensure that projects and strategies are executed in the right way for optimal results. Given the continued growth and competitiveness of ecommerce, sections of this guide will be […]

Visual Search: A Guide for Marketers

Visual Search: A Guide for Marketers

1. Executive Summary This report will look at the history of visual search, how different companies are using it, and explain how marketers can take advantage of visual search and other tools that make use of machine vision. It will also cover the following: The benefits of visual search in ecommerce In a commercial context, […]

Ecommerce: Third-Party Marketplaces for Retailers

Ecommerce: Third-Party Marketplaces for Retailers

1. Introduction In the space of 20 years, Amazon has grown into a $200bn company[1], selling everything from books to health foods. It is now the fifth largest retailer in the UK according to Verdict, beaten only by four supermarkets.[2] It is estimated to have accounted for a third of all UK spend online in […]

Achieving Omnichannel Excellence

1. Introduction This guide has been written to help the retail sector’s heads of customer experience, CCOs, CMOs, senior marketers, heads of digital and CIOs to move along the omnichannel journey towards omnichannel excellence. Its purpose is to give brands an understanding of the current retail landscape, which key challenges they need to address and […]

Ecommerce Performance Benchmarks

Search and compare against hundreds of ecommerce performance metrics, from completion checkout rate to average shopper spend, with Econsultancy’s Performance Benchmarks tool.

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