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Ecommerce Best Practice Guide

 ‌ This guide has been created to help companies either review their existing ecommerce strategy or create an ecommerce proposition from scratch.

It includes a multitude of practical tips that can be applied to individual aspects of an ecommerce business to maximise results.

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Digital Transformation Monthly – February 2020

1. Introduction Businesses of all sizes around the world are undergoing digital transformation in various forms, with the global market for digital transformation forecast to reach $798bn by 2025, according to Research and Markets.[1] However, digital transformation is far from being a monolith. Although companies undergoing digital transformation use many of the same tools and […]

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20+ stats that show how online retail is changing

 ‌ Here are 20 statistics (plus a few extras) that illustrate the most important changes taking place in online retail.


16 ways retailers can improve their approach to online returns

‌ Here are 16 ways that retailers can improve their approach to handling returns, complete with examples of how brands are putting these tips into practice.

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Ecommerce trends in 2020: What do the experts predict?

For all the (justified?) hype about voice, AI, New Retail, single view of the customer, take your pick – the most interesting developments in ecommerce are much broader.

Articles on ecommerce

A 7-point survival guide to ecommerce strategy in 2020

The UK is the world’s third largest ecommerce market behind China and the US, accounting for $101bn in 2019 alone. But Amazon holds almost 40% of the European market and more credit card details than any other company on earth which makes their data and shopper-led approach more personalised and tailored than the rest. Therefore, […]

Six impactful examples of ecommerce USP bars

 ‌ In the past five years or so, a trend has emerged in ecommerce website design where a brand will showcase their USP on their website in a visually eye-catching and accessible way. This most often makes an appearance in a dedicated bar on a brand’s homepage (usually at the top, but not always) known as a ‘USP bar’.

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Fast Track Training: Ecommerce & Online Merchandising

This course deep dives into the fundamentals of online selling, guiding you through a framework for online merchandising. From product selection and presentation, through to search, sorting, filtering and promotions.

1-day course | various dates | London

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