When I joined Econsultancy a little over a year ago, there were around 30 employees spread between our UK and US offices. Since then, the company has doubled in size, and we’re still expanding, with new staff joining our offices in London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Australia and elsewhere.

Last year the company also celebrated its tenth anniversary, and we welcomed our 100,000th member in July. Nevertheless, it occurred to us that not everybody is familiar with all that we do…

Hopefully you’ll be familiar with our reports and research, but we also run training and events around the world, have a great jobs board, and… well, the list goes on, and I could sit here telling you all
about it. Or, I could do something more fun with our key facts and

Since everybody loves an infographic, and since we’ve long championed the importance of online video, we thought we’d combine the two. We’ve come up with an animated infographic Video timeline of Econsultancy’s growth from founding to 100,000+ members

Click here to visit our ‘About’ page and see exactly what we do at Econsultancy. We’d like to thank you for making it all possible: