Econsultancy Advisory Board

About Our Advisory Board

At Econsultancy, we know that we are only as smart as the company we keep. Luckily for us, we keep excellent company.

Our advisory board comprises some of the globe’s top marketers and digital minds, who form a valuable community who we can use to test content ideas, gauge the value of new trends and spot the topics that most concern our audience.

The board meet quarterly to debate the most important topics in business, digital and tech and (appropriately for a digital business) we have an ongoing online community discussion.

Keen to join? We try to keep the group small and senior. Our rules are:

Confidentiality – assume everything said is confidential, private, not to be published/repeated without permission

Reciprocity: seek to help each other out. Give and receive

Respect: no spamming, selling to the group etc.

If you’re a senior marketer or digital professional and like the sound of the Advisory Board, let us know.

Our Advisory Board