REd-Friday-win-10000Over the past ten years, Econsultancy has
witnessed a lot of changes both on and offline.

From humble
beginnings we’ve grown to become a community of almost 100,000
marketers, and seen digital marketing evolve beyond recognition, the
rise of Google, Facebook and Twitter, along with the birth and
development of entirely new industries like SEO, social media and
m-commerce have changed the face of marketing over the past decade.

There’s no denying a lot’s changed, but there are a
few things that remain the same year after year.

Take for example, the relentless commercialisation of the holiday

Every year we see tinsel in stores in July, Turkeys for sale in August
and New Year sales that begin before the last one has ended, and
frankly, we’re all for it! Who doesn’t need a bit of extra cash at this
time of year? We certainly do!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday both saw record figures this year, so
we’ve decided to leap on the bandwagon and introduce another
red-letter date for your diary. We want you to join us over the next week as we celebrate
ten years of the Big Red Dot – so we’re offering our members the chance
to win £10,000 on Red Friday!

“So what the hell is Red Friday?” We hear you ask!

Around 75% of our members tell us that they heard about Econsultancy through a colleague, and this got us wondering whether we could give this an extra end-of-year boost with a special offer.

Normally promotions at this time of year are designed specifically to part you from your hard earned cash, but as we’re celebrating both a birthday and Christmas we thought we should give our members a reason to rejoice as well, so we’ll be offering you a massive 30% off all online purchases in the week leading up to Friday the 17th of December 2010. Or as we prefer to call it: Red Friday!

And that’s not all. In return for taking advantage of this offer, we’re also going to be giving away £10,000!

Here’s how it works:

We’ll give every member a unique 30% off code that you can distribute across your network in any way you see fit: Tweet it, blog it, post it around your LinkedIn or Facebook groups, email it, include it in the company newsletter or hire a plane to write it in the sky at your annual conference. Anything goes, and whenever anyone makes a purchase using your code, you’ll move higher up our leaderboard, and closer to our grand cash prize!

Remember, every purchase made with your code between 9am today and midnight (GMT) on Friday 17th December 2010 will count towards your grand total, including purchases you make for yourself, so if you’re planning to subscribe or upgrade your exisiting membership, sign up for one of our 2011 training courses or even post an ad on our Job Boards then now is a great time to act!

We believe this’ll work, so Econsultancy CEO and Co-Founder Ashley Friedlein has gambled donated a £10,000 prize fund to keep you interested. The top 20 ‘influencers’ (defined by the amount of revenue generated) will take a share of the winnings as follows:

1st place = £3,000

2nd place = £2,000

3rd place = £1,600

4th – 20th place = £200 each

We’ll be publishing a leaderboard of the top 30 places so you can see who the most influential members of the Econsultancy community are, and more importantly, check how close you are to that top prize spot.

There’s no catch, and this certainly isn’t a way for our marketing department to sit around drinking sherry and eating mince pies while you do their job for them. Where would you get an idea like that?

In fact, we’re even happy for you to try gaming the system – we’ll be counting purchases you make for yourself, and we’ve published a list of hints and tips to help you out over on our Facebook page.

Face it: We want to give you money!

At Econsultancy we’re always keen to experiment on ourselves to see what works and what doesn’t. And as B2B case studies are rare, we’ll let you know how we get on.
Red Friday is intended to be an annual giveaway and e-commerce test case to reward our members and have a bit of fun at this festive time of year.

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