Back in 1999, Ashley Friedlein, co-founder of Econsultancy along with Matthew O’Riordan, registered the domain name Since then, Econsultancy has developed from a repository of buyers guides and ‘how-to’ advice on then little-known disciplines such as SEO, into an international research house, consultancy and training provider with offices in London, New York and Singapore.

Highlights from Econsultancy’s 20 year history include launching JUMP in 2010, the ‘joined-up marketing’ conference that went on to become the Festival of Marketing in 2013, the largest global event dedicated to brand marketing.

In 2007, Econsultancy partnered on one of the first MSc courses in digital marketing communications, before adding internet retailing and digital publishing programmes. This commitment to learning continues: in 2016, we helped launched the hugely popular Marketing Week Mini MBA.

The ever-popular Econsultancy blog began in 2006, growing its audience to more than half a million monthly readers.

Over the past five years, Econsultancy has defined modern marketing, beginning with the Modern Marketing Manifesto of 2013, and culminating in the Modern Marketing Model of 2017, the first definitive framework to bring together traditional and digital marketing, including disciplines such as data and analytics.

Econsultancy was acquired by Centaur Media in 2012, and now forms part of Xeim, helping clients achieve excellence in marketing alongside brands such as Marketing Week and Oystercatchers.

Since Econsultancy was formed in 1999, digital technology has transformed marketing, business and society in ways and at a scale that was largely unforeseen. We remain committed to helping clients navigate this change for years to come.

A big thanks to the entire Econsultancy community!