You might have noticed we have changed a few things about Econsultancy. We’ve tried to achieve three main themes in the project – new, better and more:

  1. New features, new functionality and a new look
  2. Better and simpler UX and better functionality
  3. More data, more charts and more experimental features

What’s new?

New: interactive reports

Research has always been at the heart of Econsultancy. We produce 50-70 new reports each year on a wide range of topics about marketing and digital tactics. We have simplified our reports into three main categories:

You can now read any new reports we create online as well as download them.

This means that if you’re looking for a particular chapter or element, you no longer have to wade through the whole PDF. It also means we will be able to bring you new styles of report, with far more video, interactive charts and imagery.

We are now working through our catalogue of PDFs to make them look much more gorgeous.

econsultancy report

Better: ISD

We love tools. So we hope subscribers are going to enjoy our new Internet Statistics Database. The ISD – as we call it for short – is based on the content from our most downloaded report each month, the Internet Stats Compendium report. So it’s great data we were already providing, but in a much more useful format that we hope subscribers will find easier to peruse.

Rather than produce an eye-watering 1,200 pages of charts showing the publicly available data on digital marketing from around the world, we’ve made it more accessible in its new database form, where you can download information direct to your presentation.

internet statistics database

More: Performance Benchmarks & Quick Courses

We want to do more experimental and interesting stuff at Econsultancy. And as part of the site redevelopment, we wanted to try and solve one of the most common problems our customers have. What does “good” look like? Is my ecommerce team performing? Are my email open rates as good as the rest of the industry?

Performance Benchmarks takes data from our launch data partners – Really B2B, Littledata and BloomReach – and other publicly available sources to start solving these questions. Right now it’s here in beta and we hope that your input and involvement will help us get this right.

The changes don’t stop there. We have also upgraded other parts of the site including our case study database, added more of our capability options, refreshed our training schedule, and so much more.

But we are iterating and changing things all the time to bring consistency and clarity to what we are doing. So if you want more features, something different, anything new, do tell us. Want to try us out? Log in or subscribe.

Got feedback? Let us know.