Since we’ve nearly reached the end of the year, I’ve compiled a list of Econsultancy’s top blog posts of 2010, ranked (roughly) by number of page views. 

Top spot goes to this post on Ten horrifying ad placements, about the perils of automated ad placements. 

A combination of stats and social media gets the number two spot: 20 mind blowing social media stats revisted.

Brands doing Facebook well: 25 brilliant examples of Facebook brand pages.

Wonder why bounce rates are high? Here’s 25 reasons why I’ll leave your website in 10 seconds. 

Some excellent visual representations of social media15 more awesome social media infographics.

A list of useful APIs: Five APIs developers should know about

Facebook tips for businesses from guest blogger Kevin Gibbons: Ten ways to advertise on Facebook.

Mistakes for business to avoid: 10 common social media mistakes

More infographic fun: 12 kickass SEO infographics.

Another company gets it wrong on Twitter: How not to use Twitter, by Rentokil

A guest post from Jaamit Durrani, who sadly passed away in November: Nine common SEO campaign mistakes

Twitter cock-up by mobile giant: The horror, the horror: @VodafoneUK’s social media balls up.

Tips for writing online: How to write for the web: 23 useful rules

When travel firms get social media wrong: Social media failure: examples from the travel industry

Review of mobile voucher app: Voucher Cloud: iPhone app review

H&M finally launched a UK e-commerce site in September. It wasn’t very good though: H&M e-commerce launch disappoints #sitereview.

Examples of PPC and AdSense gone wrong, several from eBay: 15 of the lamest Google Ads ever.

A critique of the retail giant’s email marketing: Tesco failing to deliver relevant emails

Some excellent examples of online retailers’ product pages: 10 great e-commerce product pages

Retailer gets mobile commerce wrong: Zara releases a pointless iPhone app

One of the biggest events in search this yearGoogle Instant: the search experts’ view

Some insight into how Google creates real time results: Google’s real time SEO ranking factors for Twitter

In January, we decided to unfollow everyone on Twitter. Here’s the explanation: Why Econsultancy is unfollowing 19,000 Twitter users

Problems with brands directing users to a Facebook page: Website vs Facebook Pages: which URL should you promote?.

Some reasons why customers abandon purchases online: Checkout abandonment on the rise.