Since we’ve (almost) reached the end of the year, I’ve compiled a list of Econsultancy’s top blog posts of 2011, ranked (roughly) by number of page views.

This year’s most popular post was this: 20+ Mind-blowing social media statistics: One year later

Second spot goes to Kelvin Newman’s Ultimate guide to the Facebook algorithm.

A compilation of 10 amazing e-commerce infographics.

A list of brands using Facebook: 101 examples of f-commerce.

Some predictions from the beginning of the year: 17 digital marketing trends for 2011, by Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein.

What makes a successful Facebook page? Seven tips for a killer Facebook landing page.

Adjectives and infographics FTW! 10 mind-blowing mobile infographics.

Some great advice from Kelvin Newman: 51 essential link building tips.

What makes a good online media planner? 10 presentations to help you become a digital planning genius.

Pitfalls to avoid for consultants and freelancers: The five clients you should avoid like the plague.

A whopping 50% of all content consumed on Twitter is generated by only 20,000 users. Twitter isn’t very social: study.

More infographics… 10 great email marketing infographics.

Which elements/features are vital on homepages? 27 things I need to see on an e-commerce homepage.

Improve the ranking of your Facebook page. SEO tips for Facebook Pages.

Glen Allsopp presents some excellent tips. The affiliate’s guide to dominating big niches with SEO.

A look at Econsultancy’s (not provided) stats since the introduction of encrypted search for logged in users: The horror: Google now encrypts up to 33% of search referral data.

User experience tips from Paul Rouke: improving conversion with best practice persuasive design.

Some great examples of innovative ad campaignsMultichannel innovation: 15 brilliant examples from 2011.

An Econsultancy / Toluna survey:  Why do consumers abandon online purchases?

The apps/mobile site debate: Native apps versus mobile websites: three simple rules.

A look at what Porsche is doing so well onlineSeven reasons why Porsche is winning the social media game.

Stats that show conversion rates for Apple’s tablet: iPad conversion rates twice as high as desktop: stats.

A survey of consumer attitudes: Why do people follow brands on Facebook?

How Econsultancy measures Twitter via Google Analytics.

Waitrose’s £10m revamp of its website in March didn’t go down well with some customers. New Waitrose website panned by users.