Yes, 21 of these posts are numbered lists. What of it? 

  1. At number one by a mile, this post on web design trends for 2014 from Chris Lake. So popular that it has its own site links in Google: 

  2. It’s Mr Lake again with some excellent examples of minimal mobile UI design
  3. The Periodic Table of Content Marketing has been incredibly popular this year. Another one from Chris Lake

  4. Finally, I make the list with a look at some of the best ecommerce sites around
  5. David Moth loves his responsive design articles, and here he rounds up 25 of the best sites from 2013
  6. Chris Lake again with 21 examples of user experience innovation in ecommerce. 
  7. Graham Charlton with 21 first class examples of web form design, such as this example from Geeklist. 

  8. David Moth with a round up of impressive social campaigns from the first half of 2014
  9. Here’s a collection of useful content calendar templates from David Moth.
  10.  To mark 25 years of the world wide web, Ben Davis collated some images of websites from the early years

  11. 10 very cool examples of experiential marketing from David Moth. 
  12. Ashley Friedlein collated digital marketing and ecommerce trends for 2014 back in January. See how many he got right… 
  13. An expensive website redesign always grabs the attentiion, which explains the popularity of this £60m B&Q website review from David Moth. 
  14. Graham Charlton with a round up of useful Google Analytics segments and dashboards for SEO measurement

  15. A look at how high street stores are using digital tech from Graham Charlton
  16. Christopher Ratcliff makes his debut on the list with some hilarious social media cock ups from earlier in the year. 
  17. Christopher Ratcliff with 16 examples of flat design used by ecommerce sites. 
  18. 20 essential WordPress plugins from Christopher Ratcliff.
  19. Christopher Ratcliff presents 12 mesmerising parallax scrolling templates for WordPress.

  20. A look at some good and bad examples of native advertising in the wild by Christopher Ratcliff. 
  21. A big question asked by Ben Davis: What are the best social media marketing campaigns of all time?
  22. Christopher Ratcliff loves his LEGO, and the company’s approach to social media.

  23. A look at some uses of iBeacons from brands and retailers by David Moth
  24. Graham Charlton with a list of the world’s best ecommerce checkouts
  25. And finally, 10 mobile retail apps that customer love, from Ben Davis