1. Parry Malm takes the crown this year with 152 killer keywords for email subject lines (and 137 crappy ones). We know lists worked, but Parry outdid us with bigger numbers. 
  2. At number two, it’s Tim Aldiss with this excellent look at 33 examples of great meta descriptions for search.
  3. Justin Rondeau from WhichTestWon takes third with this: Do bigger images mean improved conversion rates? Three case studies (the answer is yes btw).
  4. Marcus Taylor looks at the success of interactive infographics: Five exceptional interactive infographics and why they worked
  5. Linkbait with a point by Andrew Girdwood: SEO is D.E.A.D.
  6. Some great examples and lovely screenshots by Andrew King: Responsive email design: 10 great examples.
  7. Damion Brown explains the significance of Universal Analytics: Eight ways Google Universal Analytics will change the way businesses use data.
  8. Greg Randall has written some excellent posts this year, but this was the most popular: Ecommerce product pages: where to place 30 elements and why.
  9. A nice round up of examples from Peter Meinerzhagen: Eight physical product landing pages to inspire you in your next project.
  10. A great analysis of the possible impacts of the Hummingbird update by David Towers: Has Hummingbird changed SEO forever?
  11. Pratik Dholakiya’s first post gets him in the top 25: Nine examples of small businesses using social media for branding.
  12. With a title reminiscent of George Dangerfield’s book on the Liberal Party, Phillip Klein looks at The slow death of the homepage
  13. No-reply email addresses are crap. Michael Linthorst explains why: Five reasons you should stop using no-reply email addresses right now.
  14. Kelvin Newman topped this list for the past two years, but this year can only make 1419 tools to improve your content marketing strategy.
  15. Kasia Piekut made her guest blogging debut with this: Four great examples of brands using Instagram to break free of the browser.
  16. Kevin Gibbons makes this chart with his 99th guest post for Econsultancy: Integrated vs Specialist: have agency models changed in 2013?
  17. Google’s Daniel Weisberg makes the list with his first post, an excellent primer on using Google Analytics: How to get up and running with Google Analytics in six steps.
  18. Chris Liversedge with a mobile SEO warning: 2014: the mobile SEO timebomb.
  19. Handy Twitter tips from Simon Hawtin: 29 useful Twitter tips for beginners.
  20. Rhian Simms critiques some retailers’ emails: Abandoned basket emails: the good, the bad and the ugly.
  21. Rishi Lakhani with some valuable SEO tips: Seven quick tips for anchor text links in 2013.
  22. A detailed look at Enhanced Campaigns from Andy HeapsGoogle AdWords changes the game with enhanced campaigns.
  23. This, from Dave Gowans, was one of my personal favourites from 2013: Nine conversion techniques from the 1920s to try today.
  24. Paul Rouke makes the list with this detailed look at Nixon’s responsive design. Not sure what happened to part two though ;) A responsive ecommerce masterclass from Nixon: part one.
  25. And finally, some useful tips from Paul Rogers: How to avoid duplicate content issues in ecommerce.

Once again, thanks to all our guest bloggers for their efforts over the year. And good luck to @henweb for next year’s list!