Here’s the top 25.. 

  1. James Carson wins this year, with 24 ingredients for a delicious content strategy, an excellent and very detailed post. It also features James’ content burger. 

  2. Helene Hall takes the second spot with this post on defining digital marketing strategy, featuring a chart which demonstrates the process and metrics you can use for measuring performance and which channels work best for specific goals.
  3. A very useful post on the five golden rules of responsive design by Dan Scott from TH_NK. 
  4. The M&S website redesign didn’t go entirely to plan. Here, Kathryn McDonnell from whatusersdo demonstrates a few of the problem areas with the help of some user testing. 
  5. Everybody hates no reply email addresses, but companies will insist on using them. Here, Michael Linthorst gives five reasons why they should stop this. Right now. 
  6. Long term contributor Paul Rouke makes the list with a detailed look at the persuasive elements used to great effect by

  7. Creator of last year’s top post Parry Malm with his email marketing predictions for 2014
  8. Jo Hill with some great advice on where to begin with your digital strategy
  9. David Skerrett with an excellent A to Z of mobile marketing trends
  10. It’s Parry Malm again, this time explaining why Custom Audience targeting proves that email has won the internet
  11. Henry Elliss makes this year’s list with: The dirty secrets of clickbait. This post will blow your mind!
  12. Some useful tips for small businesses using AdWords from Nick Whitmore. 
  13. Kelvin Newman with some great questions to ask candidates for search marketing jobs
  14. A look at the criteria Google uses to judge quality content from Marcus Tober
  15. Kumail Humani with 19 technical SEO considerations
  16. Tim Roe looks at recent Gmail changes: Gmail offers unsubscribe link and the world of email marketing comes to an end.
  17. Jeff Rajeck has written some excellent posts on Facebook marketing this year. Here’s one: Shhh… Three Facebook marketing secrets
  18. Matt Hardy argues that mobile first isn’t necessarily the best approach
  19. A detailed look at’s use of persuasion on its product pages from Paul Rouke
  20. Dan Brotzel with some useful examples of interesting content produced by ‘boring’ businesses. 

  21. James Gurd with part three of his excellent guide to information architecture in ecommerce. 
  22. Sam Silverwood-Cope looks at Tesco’s SEO strategy. 
  23. Matthew Redford explains how to build your own price comparison API in 30 minutes with no code.
  24. Josh Hayman looks at using quizzes for marketing. 
  25. Another excellent post from Jeff RajeckFacebook vs. LinkedIn: which is better for B2B marketing?

Once again, thanks to all our contributors for their efforts over the year.