In the past couple of months we’ve been running an internal programme to try to discover what makes Econsultancy tick. It’s been rather insightful.

I joined Econsultancy eight years ago (almost to the day), when we – with just two employees – were still very much in startup mode. Since then we’ve hired more than 40 bright people who have helped to create a wonderful company culture. Yet we have never really sat down and defined what we’re all about.

As such we thought it would be a good idea to try to define our brand values. We asked Doug Kessler at Velocity to conduct interviews with Econsultancy’s old-timers, to see if he could find out what we believe and why we do what we do. Thankfully we all seem to be saying similar things.

So, while this is very much an internal project, we thought we’d share it with you. Transparency, and all that…

Econsultancy: What We’re About

We’re going to use this document… 

  1. To help explain to prospective new recruits what we’re all about
  2. For our staff induction program to explain our history and culture
  3. To help inform our marketing, positioning, branding etc.
  4. To explain to our customers (and stakeholders) what we believe in
  5. To allow others to hold us to account, to ensure we practice what we preach
  6. To help us prioritise / make decisions based on what fits best with our values
  7. To review staff in appraisals – how well has he/she helped support and build upon our values?

It’s been a useful exercise for us. Have you done something similar?