Econsultancy has today launched a microlearning platform, available exclusively to subscribers.

The platform tackles the basic principles of digital marketing and ecommerce in a quick and memorable way. Subscribers can access the microlearning modules through the e-learning section of our site.

What is it?

A library of more than 40 videos, each between 1-2 minutes in length, covering topics from strategy to search, data and analytics to programmatic advertising.

The microlearning videos will allow you to quickly dip in and out, with one quick question after each video to check you were listening.


Why have we created it?

Through customer feedback and our latest research into How Marketers Learn we know the learning landscape is changing. Since the early ’00s Econsultancy has delivered lots of face-to-face classroom training with expert practitioners, before more recently adding in-depth and structured e-learning.

But what we haven’t offered until now is this style of bitesize content. Our more detailed Fast Track to Digital Marketing Online Classroom will still be there for individuals and businesses that are looking for that more structured programme.

And, of course, there are still lots of face-to-face courses available, too.


What topics are covered? 

Below you’ll see a full list of each of the microlearning videos available to subscribers. Watch this space for further modules on topics such as the GDPR, attribution, conversion rate optimisation and data-driven strategy.

  • Strategy
    • Welcome and intro
    • Digital marketing strategy fundamentals
    • Generating and using personas
    • Customer journeys and channel selection
    • Customer experience and multichannel
  • Content
    • Content marketing fundamentals
    • Content strategy and distribution
    • Content proposition, tone and planning
  • Search 
    • Search marketing fundamentals
    • SEO: off-site optimisation
    • SEO: on-site optimisation
    • PPC
    • Keyword strategy
  • Advertising
    • Targeting in display
    • Programmatic essentials
    • Display creative and video advertising
    • Native and paid social advertising
  • Social
    • Community and conversation
    • Video, sharable and viral content
    • Influencer marketing
  • Email
    • Planning email marketing
    • Email marketing execution
  • Ecommerce
    • Ecommerce fundamentals
    • Ecommerce optimisation
    • Performance and affiliate marketing
  • Data & analytics
    • Data fundamentals
    • Measurement fundamentals
    • Analytics fundamentals
    • Personalisation
  • Mobile
    • Mobile marketing fundamentals
    • Mobile sites and apps

What next?

Econsultancy senior analyst Sean Donnelly recently wrote an impassioned article on the difference between a marketer’s education and training. In his article, Sean writes about how “the fundamentals of marketing don’t [change], at least not very quickly.”

Digital marketing is no different, it simply entails the tactical use of new media. With all the data available to a marketer now, it’s more important than ever to remember the basics of good marketing.

If you’re keen to get a solid grounding in marketing from an academic, why not follow Sean’s advice and take the Marketing Week Mini MBA. As Sean says, “It provides a nice foundation upon which participants can layer on digital and channel specific skills,” and was “designed to mirror the core marketing course offered in MBA programmes at top business schools.”

But for now, if you’re an Econsultancy subscriber, point your junior colleagues (or those in need of a refresher) to our new microlearning modules.