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Customers want to be ‘more than a mere transaction’: Benamic’s Laura McGill on loyalty schemes

The growth of member pricing and the rise in retail media are just two reasons why loyalty schemes have been front of mind recently for many marketers. We caught up with Laura McGill, Head of Marketing at global promotions and loyalty firm Benamic, and self-professed “data-driven person” to ask what customers want from loyalty schemes. Econsultancy: […]

The Future of Digital Advertising

With many technologies emerging with the potential to impact digital advertising, the final chapter of this Best Practice Guide explores some of the most significant trends marketers should pay attention to. Emerging technologies Figure 1 shows how seriously respondents to Econsultancy’s 2022 Future of Marketing survey are taking some of these technologies, and it is […]

8 minute read

Overview of the Current Challenges in Digital Advertising

The evolving digital advertising landscape means new challenges are emerging all the time. The biggest issues facing marketers today, and how to overcome them, are explored in this chapter. Brand safety/suitability The internet is a place of near-limitless content, unlike traditional media channels such as TV or newspapers, which are finite and more transparent in […]

11 minute read

How to Measure Digital Advertising

Understanding how best to measure digital advertising is a crucial step in running successful campaigns. Without measurement there can be no clarity on the effectiveness of the campaign. Measuring digital ad effectiveness The amount of data available to advertisers is undergoing rapid change, thanks to some of the technological and regulatory initiatives that will be […]

20 minute read

How to Create a Digital Advertising Plan

Digital advertising is just one channel in the suite of options available to marketers, so it is important to have a clear plan that is integrated with the wider marketing and communications strategy. Ultimately, all the channels that the customer interacts with should be working together to create a unified journey. Having clear company-wide objectives […]

19 minute read

How to Create Advertising for Digital

Platform and context are key when creating advertising for digital. Whether using display or native ad formats, mobile or desktop, there are a number of essential factors for marketers to consider to maximise the effectiveness of digital campaigns. General creative and strategic best practices In the early days of digital advertising, it was a consistent […]

19 minute read

How Digital Advertising is Traded

How digital media is traded has evolved over the years, but fundamentally it still relies upon buyers, sellers and intermediaries working together to enable the purchase and display of a digital ad. Before unpicking the key components of trading, it is first important to understand how trading has evolved and what the current landscape looks […]

10 minute read

Introduction to Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has experienced exponential growth over the past decade, bringing with it myriad opportunities and challenges for brands. However it evolves, digital advertising refers to the advertising messages found in paid-for media spaces across digital devices including laptops, mobile phones and tablets and increasingly TV screens, outdoor screens and gaming consoles, which is what […]

23 minute read

The Fundamentals of Digital Advertising: A Summary

As more eyeballs turn to digital media channels, marketers are following their audiences online. The ways a brand can engage with people is expanding as ‘digital’ increasingly means not just the content that is delivered via websites, mobile devices and apps, but outdoor screens, TV screens, virtual worlds and beyond. This guide breaks down the […]

3 minute read