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Customer Data Platforms Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction Organising large amounts of customer data is becoming a huge challenge for marketers who want a ‘360 degree view’ of their customers. Customer data platforms (CDPs) offer a way for organisations to bring together disparate customer data into one place, to allow for the easy sharing of this information with other systems. This […]

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Short Guide to Mobile Marketing Best Practice

Introduction This guide highlights three key themes which will help marketers deliver better mobile experiences for their customers and improve the performance of their mobile marketing activity. These three themes are: personalising the customer experience, mapping the customer journey and planning for the age of assistance. The guide draws from Econsultancy’s Mobile Marketing report which […]

Go-Jek: Ride-hailing and more

1. Introduction Go-Jek is a transport network company and logistics startup established in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim. Being an avid user of ojeks (motorbike taxis commonly found throughout Indonesia), Makarim discovered that ojek drivers had difficulty finding customers, and vice versa. Go-Jek first started out as a call center with only 20 motorbike drivers.[1] However, […]

B2B Content Marketing Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction ‘Content shock’[1] is real: the volume of B2B (and B2C) content is now outweighing our human capacity to consume it. However, content marketing can still present an immense opportunity for B2B businesses. When executed effectively, it can be a powerful engagement tool for fostering loyalty, lead generation and sales, and for conveying the […]

Gamification Marketing Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction In a July 2018 survey by Reflect Digital, 58% of consumers said that online ads and marketing have little or no influence on their buying behaviour, while 27% said they were somewhat influenced. Only 5% said they were extremely influenced. Brands need to continue to find new ways to not only be heard […]

ShopBack: Building Loyalty Across Diversity

1. The Asian Cashback Industry An interesting niche industry within the Asian ecommerce space has been gaining ground in recent years. Called ‘cashback’, online shoppers are able to save some money whenever they complete purchases online if they go through a third-party platform, which effectively gives them a discount. The cashback industry is growing at […]