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Drive transformation in customer experience, data and analytics, ecommerce, digital marketing communications and strategy.

  Combine classroom training with access to 85 hours of on-demand elearning courses in 6 languages.
  Benchmark your team with the Econsultancy Skills Index.
  Develop bespoke training content for your sector.
  Inspire with events, webinars and analyst sessions.
  Underpinned by the Econsultancy Skills Taxonomy, a framework of 1,390 marketing skills categories.
  Access our content library including: 200+ best practice reports, daily insights and articles.

Get world-class content across key digital marketing topics

Strengthen in-demand marketing and ecommerce skills required to accelerate your marketing performance across nine core digital marketing and ecommerce topics.

  Digital advertising
  Content marketing
  Customer experience
  Data and analytics
  Ecommerce
  Email and CRM
  SEO
  Social media
  Strategy

Explore core topic channels

Ecommerce training

Drive transformation with critical skills in ecommerce. Build a performance-driven organisation with our wealth of courses, learning plans, and on-demand resources.

Including: acquisition, conversion, retention, personalisation, CRM, omnichannel, UX, digital shelf, product and pricing, persuasion and more.

The Ecommerce channel covers six broad topics:

  • Planning and customer acquisition
  • Converting traffic to buyers
  • Turning buyers into loyalists
  • Optimising the retail media opportunity
  • Mastering product content for the digital store
  • Driving sales performance with omnichannel retailers

Customer Experience training

It’s never been more important to deliver seamless omnichannel customer experiences.

Enable your team to build delightful customer experiences with our wealth of courses, learning plans, case studies, reports and events on customer experience.

The customer experience (CX) channel covers three broad topics:

  • Understanding customer experience with data
  • Mapping the customer journey
  • Defining customer needs

Data and Analytics training

Acquiring, managing and analysing data is a core skill for digital marketing and ecommerce practitioners.

Build a data-driven organisation and enable your employees to drive faster and better business decisions with our wealth of courses, learning plans, case studies, reports and events on data and analytics.

The data and analytics channel covers three broad topics:

  • Data acquisition and management
  • Data activation
  • Data and measurement

Digital Marketing training

Generating demand and retaining customers in a digital world is complex and requires specific skills and integrated thinking.

Power your business growth with the latest digital marketing and demand generation skills with our wealth of courses, learning plans, case studies, reports and events on digital marketing.

Inspire your team with live learning

Highly-rated training, delivered face-to-face by practitioners.

  Energise your team with Learning Bursts. mixing group learning with everyday practice.
  Embed knowledge through practical application with Mini Missions.
  Take the first step to mastery with stimulating Bootcamp Sessions

92% of our live learning is rated “very good” or “excellent”.

Find new perspectives with in-person events

Enhance learning outcomes with tailored, interactive sessions delivered direct by our expert analysts.

  Understand the most important digital trends and innovations through our quarterly webinar series.
  Join your peers at Econsultancy Live, a bi-annual, in person event that brings the digital community together in London for keynote speakers, roundtable discussions and networking. 

93% of attendees recommend our analyst sessions.

Drive continuous learning 'in the flow'

Ensure your team stays at the cutting-edge of digital marketing and ecommerce innovation with our library of constantly updated best practice reports, trends analysis and a case study database covering successful marketing campaigns and ecommerce implementations from companies across the world.

  500+ case studies
  200+ best practice reports covering core digital marketing and ecommerce topics
  Quarterly webinars and analyst sessions
  Daily insights and articles

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