Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Training

Transform your skills through Econsultancy’s online and in-person training.

On-Demand and Online – The Econsultancy Skills Cloud

The Econsultancy Skills Cloud is the world-class platform at the heart of Multi-Touch Learning, putting 300+ structured accredited courses, 500+ bite-sized lessons, and our best-practice research at your fingertips.

Structured courses

Over 300 online courses specialising in digital marketing and ecommerce, regularly updated to include additional resources.

In-the-flow lessons

Over 500 snackable, bitesize lessons, including practitioner-led video, all easily discoverable by search.

Advanced learning design

Practical and applicable with clear learner outcomes to ensure interaction, engagement and embedding.


Downloadable certificates, CPD accredited, including shareable badges and gamified league tables.

Explore courses from the Ecommerce Deep Dive Channel

Watch an introduction to the Ecommerce Deep Dive Channel

The Ecommerce Deep Dive Channel is for ecommerce and marketing professionals looking to take their knowledge to the next level.

The Ecommerce Learning Plan covers three broad topics:

  • Planning and Customer Acquisition
  • Converting Traffic to Buyers
  • Turning Buyers into Loyalists

Explore courses from the Customer Experience Deep Dive Channel

Explore courses from the Data Analytics Deep Dive Channel

Econsultancy ecommerce training

Skills Cloud: more than traditional online courses

Foundation Series Learning Plans: A series of 27 online courses covering nine digital marketing topics in three sections. Topics covered are Digital Advertising, Content Marketing, Customer Experience, Data & Analytics, Ecommerce, Email & CRM, Search, Social, and Strategy. Certification and accredited.

Ecommerce Deep Dive Learning Plans: A series of three deep-dive learning plans covering ecommerce planning and customer acquisition, converting traffic to buyers and turning buyers into loyalists. Certificated and accredited.

Fast Track to Digital Marketing Learning Plan: An on-demand online training plan comprising 12 video modules and an exam. Certificated and accredited with 18 hours CPD.

Microlearning Library: An extensive library of over 70 bite-sized and practical videos that provide general understanding on a wide range of key topics.

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Training for Teams

Participatory learning

We specialise in creating highly participatory digital marketing and ecommerce training courses. Our interactive and engaging sessions connect teams and enhance subject understanding.


Practical and applicable, led by expert practitioners who provide real-world context to build knowledge, skills and mindset.

Designed for you

From short learning bursts to group problem-solving bootcamps, we deliver our learning at scale. Always designed for immersion and engagement as part of your Econsultancy Multi-Touch Learning journey.

Global delivery

Our dedicated team of practitioners and programme managers is delivering training in 72+ countries.

Highly rated

92% of our team training courses rated ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ by participants.

Explore our most popular courses for teams

92% of our courses are rated ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’

Econsultancy marketing training

Bespoke programmes for your organisation

Econsultancy is running 60+ training programmes in 2022 at a range of global client organisations.

The right curriculum for you: We are experts in building bespoke curriculums and curating course recommendations based on detailed analysis using our Econsultancy Digital Skills Index and stakeholder interviews.

From off-the-shelf to highly tailored: Our expert learning strategists, designers and delivery team will help build and deliver the perfect solution for your team.

We specialise in learner engagement: We’re dedicated to our Multi-Touch Learning approach and driving learner engagement across our touch points, centred around a client branded hub.

The five drivers of Multi-Touch Learning

Best Practice Research

Over 500 reports, case studies and how-to guides written by industry experts and practitioners, covering strategy, planning and execution.

Skills Assessment

In-depth and detailed skills assessments, benchmarking, and measurement of impact.

On-Demand Online Training

Over 300 online specialist courses in digital marketing and ecommerce, delivered through the Econsultancy Skills Cloud.

Training for Teams

Expert-led digital marketing and ecommerce training, delivered in person and online.

Trends Analysis

Daily analysis of new developments, connecting with peers and inspiring insights.