Yesterday I noticed quite cool infographic being passed around online. Made by the guys at Trendstream, it maps social media access and involvement around the world. 

I love infographics. I think they’re a smart, creative way of displaying data in a way that’s easy to understand and is engaging. I’ve also noticed that they seem to be becoming more common, permeating not only technical subjects, where they seem to have originated from, but other areas, such as mainstream media, design and of course, the internet. 

So, inspired by the newest of social media infographics, I thought it might be useful to collect some of the better examples in one place as a source of inspiration and information. Links to the actual graphics are in the headline titles. 

The World Map of Social Networks

Building a Company with Social Media

Facebook vs. Twitter

Map of Online Communities (2007)

The Life Cycle of a Blog

The Conversation Prism

Gender Balance on Social Networking Sites

Twitter Statistics

This is only a selection of what’s out there. What other social media infographics did I miss? Leave your comments/links below.