I’ll try and steer clear of charities for this one, partly because I recently wrote about them, but also because they’re too much of an obvious choice. 

Chipotle – The Scarecrow

This is a bit of an old one, but I’m such a sucker for an animated film I had to include it. 

The Scarecrow is a short film designed to highlight the negative aspects of mass-produced food and industrial farming. There is also an accompanying game that’s pretty fun to play and carries the same message. 

Kenco – Coffee VS Gangs

Coffee beans are harvested in some notoriously dangerous parts of the world, but Kenco has taken this idea and used it for good (which just happens to make for some brilliant content marketing).

This video introduces us to Juan, one of the ex-gang members that Kenco helped by training him to make money from the coffee industry instead. 

Zoetis – Gift

This video works so well because it contains a surprising twist that makes you suddenly realise what it’s about. 

For that reason I won’t go into too much detail, but I urge you to watch it and tell me what you think in the comments below. 

Dove – Real beauty

This video campaign was inspired by the idea that very few women would describe themselves as beautiful (according to Dove’s own research).

Women were shown two drawings of themselves: one based on their own description of themselves and one based on how others described them. 

Guinness – Wheelchair basketball 

Guinness has been creating brilliant video content for years now. I’m sure everyone remembers that advert where the wave turns into galloping horses and it’s just ridiculously epic. 

This one is more low-key but absolutely nails the emotional aspect. The whole theme is around friends and what they do for each other, with a nice little twist at the end. 

Budweiser – Puppy love

During the Superbowl this year, Budweiser turned the emotion up to 11 with its video content. 

The example below contains a cute puppy, an animal friendship, a loving couple and soppy music. With that level of emotional onslaught it was destined to succeed, and 59m views says it did. 

Manchester United – Front row

This video was created to promote a campaign by YouTube to give Manchester United fans from around the world the chance to get a front row seat at Old Trafford. 

Not in person, of course. The point is they are people who have no way of physically getting to a game. Instead, video streams of fans were broadcast live via the LED screens in the stadium.  

Adidas – Take it

Sports brands like Adidas, Nike et al have been using emotion in their marketing and advertising for decades. Their aim is to inspire and motivate, and for people to associate those feelings with their products. 

The below example is complete with rising epic music and a voiceover that makes you want to jump off the sofa, throw that buttered bacon in the bin and immediately buy some Adidas trainers (probably). 

Are you not entertained?

If that lot didn’t make you feel something you must have escaped from Skynet. Either that or you’re still suffering emotional marketing fatigue from having attended the John Lewis Christmas advert premiere. 

Either way, I’m sure there are plenty of good/better examples I haven’t thought of. I’d be interested to hear about anything you’ve seen recently that had an emotional effect on you.