Welcome to another instalment of our weekly US digital marketing stats round-up.

This week we’ll be covering something slightly unusual in the form of ‘word of mouth’ impressions, along with connected TV, political digital media budgets and lots more.

Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting online marketing stats to come from the states.

21% of word-of-mouth brand impressions come from Hispanics 

This is according to Ed Keller, CEO of The Keller Fay Group, who also claims Americans talk about goods and services around 2.3bn times every day.

As Hispanics only make up around 17% of the US population, the 21% figure is certainly significant. 

The average Hispanic shopper mentions 83 brands every week compared with only 63 for other demographic.

48% of advertisers who use connected TV plan to spend more on it next year

While advertising budgets allocated to connected TV are relatively modest in the US, nearly half of advertisers who already use this medium are planning to increase their budgets in 2016.

The findings came from a survey of 215 client-side marketers by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

The study found that the budgetary shift to connected TV will predominantly come from other TV activity (71%) and digital media (37%).

22% of home improvers say digital ads guide their purchases

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) surveyed more than 6,000 people who planned to do major home improvements within the next six months and found that they were significantly more likely to be influenced by online ads.

To put it into perspective, only 12% of the general population say that digital ads guide their purchases.

40% of respondents say they use online search as a source of ideas, which could in part be driving these figures. 20% say they get ideas via social media.

CTR on Instagram API ads 2.5x higher than social advertising industry average

Instagram recently announced the Instagram Ads API that allows marketers to buy and automate Instagram ads using third party software.

Kenshoo has identified a number of other key trends based on early performance data:

  • Average cost-per-install (CPI): $6.30
  • Average click-through rate (CTR): 2.48%
  • Average cost-per-click (CPC): $0.51
  • Average cost-per-thousand (CPM): $6.70

2016 election: 9.5% of political media budgets could go towards digital media

It seems like political parties are embracing digital along with the rest of the population, according to predictions by Borrell Associates, although television remains the biggest spend area.

To put it into perspective, 9.5% equates to roughly $1bn.

Chinese luxury shoppers seek local authenticity

In a survey of 180 affluent Chinese travellers focused on premium and luxury products, Albatross Global Solutions asked what influenced respondents’ brand choices when shopping aboard.

While 72% cited low prices as a deciding factor, more than half (58%) say they want local authenticity.

When deciding on what brands to buy on a trip, 70% of respondents are influenced by friends or family and 60% make a decision based on whether they have already bought a particular brand.

Online research and visiting a local store came out high, with 56% and 45% respectively, while advertising only scored 22%.                           

Targeted display spend exceeded $43bn last year 

This figure is according to Borrell Associates, which also claims that US ad revenues for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram alone totalled $19bn last year.

It also claims that native ad and programmatic spend totalled $12bn each.

In other news… 

Google Chrome freezes flash ads

Not a stat per se, but Google has made Flash ads pause by default. Users will now have to click on the link to play the ads rather than the content playing automatically.

The move is part of Google’s attempt to encourage developers to use HTML5. The search giant hopes this will improve performance in the long run and reduce battery consumption.

Chrome users who prefer the autoplay function need not worry however, as they will still have the option to turn it back on.

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