One brand that seems to have mastered this agile marketing technique is Oreo – consistently firing out responsive creative.

So what’s the secret?

According to the Econsultancy’s Modern Marketing Manifesto, it’s the ability to be responsive and adaptive, to be flexible and embrace change.

It’s no mean feat.

As a household brand with a strong personality, it demands that the company trusts its creative directors, be it agency or in-house. It requires monitoring of pretty much every major event and of what people are tweeting and searching for.

It also asks for marketing resources and processes to accomodate for ‘no planning’ and out of office hours.

Perhaps most importantly, it requires clear brand values (because it can go wrong e.g. Tesco’s horsemeat tweets).

Here comes one tough cookie

So Oreo have devised the correct environment in which to deliver truly agile marketing campaigns.

They hit the headlines of agile marketing during the 34 minute blackout in the last Super Bowl, tweeting, “You can still dunk in the dark”. 

Oreo superbowl

The result of which was retweeted more than 15,000 times within 14 hours.

In total, Oreo has well and truly signed up to the creative direction and now has a catalogue of great examples around popular discussion topics online – typically using Twitter as its vehicle.

*Not in any particular order (except maybe the last one).

Mars Rover landing

 Mars Rover Lands

National Cheesecake Day

National Cheescake Day

National Elvis Week 

National Elvis Week

Gay Pride

Gay Pride

Dark Knight Rises movie launch 

Dark Knight Rises launch

Giant panda baby 

Shin Shin's baby

And most recently, the birth of HRH Prince George of Cambridge just last week

Baby Prince of Cambridge

And just to prove Oreo has agile at its core, AMC theatre’s quick response to Oreo’s tweet was equally as cooly replied to. Note: all tweets in the thread actually received more RTs and favouriting than possibly expected from the initial post.

Bravo, Oreo. Keep up the good work.