It’s time again to round up some of the most interesting internet marketing statistics we’ve seen this week.

This time round it includes eBay’s partnership with Argos, big data, mobile marketing, alternative delivery methods and customer service.

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Ebay extends click & collect partnership with Argos

What does ‘big data’ actually mean?

Q. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with these statements? 

Mobile marketing budgets increase

  • A survey of 120 senior marketers from agencies and global brands has found that 9% of brands are seeing their mobile budgets grow by more than 25% this year, while 20% will see it double.
  • The majority (57%) are unsatisfied with their current mobile strategy, citing mobile’s ubiquity as a barrier to understanding its role and a lack of quality data (78%).
  • Finally, 58% believe growing audiences in emerging markets are key to their success moving forward.
  • The survey from Affable Digital included respondents from brands such as Unilever, Nestle, Diageo, Rolex and Audi. 

Shoppers doubt the power of the web

  • A new report from Pure360 has found that consumers are living in denial about the extent to which they are influenced by advertising.
  • The survey of 2,000 homeowners found that only a quarter of people admit to taking notice of marketing messages, while 67% of people believe the internet and social media have little or no influence over their buying decisions.
  • Three quarters of people actively ignore marketing messages and 59% say they often feel overwhelmed by the amount of marketing information they receive.

Alternative delivery methods yet to take off

  • Almost three quarters (73%) of people in the UK have yet to use an alternative delivery method such as Amazon Locker and Collect+, according to a survey of 2,300 UK adults undertaken by Venda.
  • The main reason for this is that 38% of consumers aren’t aware of where their local pick-up point is, with 25% not even aware these services exist.
  • Of the one in five (22%) that have used alternative delivery methods, 62% said they would use it again and 48% said they found the service to be fast and convenient.

Email is top for customer service

  • Email is the best performing channel for retail customer service, with 63% of questions answered, ahead of websites, which successfully provided answers to 60% of routine queries. 
  • Twitter brought up the rear, with just 33% of queries answered effectively.  
  • The study, carried out by Eptica, evaluated 40 leading UK retailers, split between four sectors (food & wine, consumer electronics, entertainment and fashion). 
  • It replicated consumer behaviour by measuring them on their ability to provide answers to ten routine questions via different channels.

Mobile replacing traditional media channels

  • A global study into the use of mobile technologies has found a dramatic increase in mobile video consumption – 74% of consumers use a smartphone to watch online videos compared with 61% in 2012.
  • This rises to 87% of tablet owners who use their device to watch online video.
  • Mobile is also replacing traditional media with 50% of respondents using a tablet to read newspapers, while 40% have replaced either the desktop or laptop with a tablet device.
  • The results come from a report by IDG Global Solutions which surveyed more than 23,500 executives and consumers across 43 countries.

A third of consumers have push notifications disabled

  • Around a third of UK smartphone owners (31%) do not have push notifications enabled on their device, according to a report from the DMA.
  • The most common reasons given were that they didn’t know what push notifications were (21%), or because they objected to the whole idea (30%).
  • But on the plus side, that does mean that more than two-thirds of consumers do have push notifications enabled on their phone.
  • Here is an infographic showing more of the results…