Welcome to another weekly round-up of the most interesting digital marketing stats from across the USA. 

This week we’ll be covering everything from the growth of mobile to the influence of YouTube vloggers. 

Travel booking windows getting shorter

A new report by Sojern found that two thirds of US and European travellers who booked their summer holidays in Q2 2015 did so on the same day they started searching for a destination. 

Other findings from the study include: 

  • Iceland and Haiti gained the most interest online from North American travellers since summer 2014. 
  • Cuba also increased significantly in popularity. 

Mobile will account for more than half of digital ad spend in 2015

According to predictions by eMarketer, mobile spending will surpass desktop for the first time this year and account for 51.9% of total digital spend in 2015. 

Desktop’s share of advertising revenue is set to slowly decline through 2019, while mobile’s share will significantly increase. eMarketer also expects mobile advertising to grow by 59% in 2015.

U.S. government ‘most feared’ for online spying and data surveillance

A recent survey by Artmotion found that consumers fear the US government the most when it comes to keeping their personal data private.

When asked which government’s surveillance program they were most afraid of, 38% of respondents highlighted the United States. This was closely followed by Russia, China and North Korea.

Respondents from Australia, Germany, Russia and the UK all placed the United States at the top of their lists. 

Yet US citizens were less critical of their own country, with only 16% saying they were afraid of its internal surveillance programs, instead citing Russia and China as the biggest causes for concern. 

Jake Arrieta’s first no-hitter generates 184,000 tweets in 24 hours

According to social media intelligence and data visualisation platform Wayin, the top tweets were shared more than 11,000 times. 

You can see a visualisation of the data below:

Vertical video increases completion rates

According to Celtra, mobile video ads shot vertically can significantly increase completion rates. 

Celtra cited an example from Audi where the car manufacturer achieved a 36% increase in completion rates following a campaign of this type. 

The claims seem to tie in with Snapchat’s report earlier this year that vertical ads on its platform were viewed to the end nine times more frequently than horizontal ones. 

Vloggers have greater influence on millennial than TV and movie stars

If you’re looking to target millennials online through influencer marketing, you might want to focus your attention on vloggers. 

According to a report by L2, YouTube vloggers have 62-63% influence on young adults and teens compared to 46%-49% for TV and movie stars. 

The study looked at beauty vloggers as an example, pointing out that on average they achieve 438,770 video views. This figure dwarfs the monthly circulation of many of the top fashion and beauty magazines. 

Mobile consumers 11.5 times more likely to click on an ad than a social sharing button

Moovweb analysed over 61m mobile sessions and found that only 0.2% of mobile users did any kind of social sharing and were much more likely to click on an ad. 

The research found that while social media usage on mobile is high, users tap sharing buttons approximately 33% less often that they do on desktop.

57% of CMOs expect marketing budgets to increase over the next two to three years

This figure came from a new report by The CMO Club in partnership with IBM. 

Other key findings from the report include: 

  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are shifting budgets towards customer retention and advocacy
  • CMOs are increasing their budgets and allocating a greater part of their investments across the entire customer journey rather than in individual channels
  • Marketers are aligning spending across every stage of the buyer journey with social and digital channels emerging as top areas of investment.
  • 53% of respondents stated that the main reason for spreading their budgets across the entire customer journey is the need to generate higher revenue.

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