A few Premier League teams have begun using Vine with mixed results, and below are eight examples of NFL teams that are creating great content using the app.

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Tennessee Titans

The Titans post several Vines each month that give fans a fun glimpse behind the scenes of their franchise.

Most often the Vines show the team warming up before their games, but also include footage of the changing rooms, cheerleaders and the team bus.

Indianapolis Colts

Vine appears to be central to the Colts’ social strategy as the team posts updates several times per week.

The social team manages to capture some excellent footage around the stadium during the games, allowing fans to feel closer to the action.

For example, in the past few weeks the Vines have included a pre-game team talk, the warm up, fans in the stadium celebrating a touchdown, and the players running out at the start of the game.

There’s also a Vine of one of the players promoting the team’s new iPad app.

It’s great to see the Colts using the app with such frequency as it rewards fan and gives them shareable content they couldn’t find anywhere else. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have only posted four Vines, all focusing on action around the stadium. 

Denver Broncos

Denver has posted more than 150 Vines in the past year, including the team running out at the start of the game, warm ups, the crowd celebrating and footage from around the stadium.

Alongside the usual game footage, the social team has taken the time to post some really creative Vines that go beyond the type of content we’re used to seeing from professional sports teams.

Several of the creative posts use stop motion, but this is my particular favourite: 

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles also post a lot of Vines, with the usual mix of team and stadium footage. It also focuses a great deal of attention on its fans, more so than the other teams. 

Washington Redskins

Washington has posted almost 200 Vines, though that number is inflated with some videos of very dubious quality.

Among the usual Vines of the team and the stadium there are a number of rather dull clips of players and management staff in press conferences. 

Minnesota Vikings

A majority of The Vikings’ Vines focus on footage of the team and stadium around game time, but there are also a number of clips of the charity work that the players get involved in. 

Atlanta Falcons

For some reason Atlanta likes to post a lot of Vines focusing on players as they arrive at the stadium prior to the match, which isn’t really that interesting.

This is one of the more entertaining Vines.