Lopez may have a vested interest in mentioning Followerwonk as it was created by Moz, but nonetheless it is a very useful app and one that we use at Econsultancy.

One of its features allows marketers to find out when their followers are most active on Twitter, which is useful for working out when to tweet. 

Followerwonk also has a dashboard that shows when a brand has gained or lost followers.

This allows marketers to work out what is driving engagement, how often they should be tweeting and the type of content their followers like.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter rolled out its own analytics product earlier this year, though a quick show of hands in the auditorium showed that many people were blissfully unaware of it.

Econsultancy’s head of social Matt Owen has previously given a useful run through of how to get started on Twitter Analytics, but essentially it allows you to access data and graphs showing your timeline activity, information on your followers and insights into Promoted Tweet campaigns.

Facebook Insights

Facebook’s analytics platform doesn’t perhaps offer the most useful insights into marketing activity on the network, but there are a few features worth using.

For example, one of the dashboards shows the average number of fans who saw your post in an hour, which can help to decide the optimum time to post updates.

Furthermore, it can be useful for finding out which type of content is most popular in terms of reach and engagement.


Formerly known as PageLever, Unified is a social analytics tool that gives insights into fan engagement on Facebook. 

Marketers can then optimise their Facebook efforts by analysing the type of content that gets the most interactions as well as the best time of day to post updates. 

Simply Measured

Simply Measured is another social analytics tool that gives similar insights into which type of Facebook posts are most popular among a brand’s fans.


Most Twitter users will probably have used bitly at some point to shorten a link before posting it, however it can also be used as a way of tracking clicks and traffic across different social networks and marketing channels.

Google+ Ripples

Though it appears many brands are still unconvinced by Google+, the network does at least have a useful analytics tool.

Google+ Ripples is an interactive graphic that allows marketers to see how their posts have been shared on the network and by whom. This in turn helps users to discover new and interesting people to follow.


TrueSocialMetrics is another analytics platform that allows marketers to identify their most engaged followers by showing how often they interact with branded content.