Having taken a look at the Labour and Conservative iPhone apps recently, I have come across an app that is potentially useful for all voters, not just the party faithful. 

The Election 2010 iPhone app is the work of Stuart Sharpe, and it provides a wealth of information about the election. 

On election night next week, the app will provide live results for users as they come in, very handy for those who can’t be in front of a TV. There is also an exit poll feature. 

Before then though, the app provides plenty of useful information pulled in from a variety of sources; APIs from the sites YourNextMP and TheyWorkForYou, as well as UK Polling Report and Wikipedia. 

This means that users can find their local constituency, by using the map shown above, using the search box, or else the app will detect your location and give you the nearest constituencies: 

You can then set one as your home seat, and see more, including information about the 2005 result and a list of candidates. 

Clicking on each candidates’ name will bring up more information and contact details for the candidates, so you can even phone or email them straight from the app, as well as viewing their Twitter account if they have one.

The app contains this information for all 650 UK parliamentary constituencies, and around 4,000 candidates. 

The information from both the UK Polling Report and Wikipedia, which is provided for each constituency, is a valuable resource, and should be useful for those that want to see previous results for tactical voting purposes. 


This is a well-designed and useful app, which works well and provides a good deal of information for voters. At 59p, it represents good value, and is a lot more useful to the average voter than the party’s apps.