In the week preceding the US election I wrote a couple pieces on the importance social media will play on the election and how much Mitt Romney and Barack Obama spent on online advertising.

A new infographic from Cognitive Match takes a look at the numbers in a different way. In the aftermath of the election, they have taken a step back and have compared the shift in social media and voter patterns in swing states between the 2008 election and the 2012 and how the spend on online ads have increased.

What’s interesting with the social media numbers for Barack Obama over the past four years is that it shows how much the social landscape has changed. As Jacob Ajwani, VP, Strategic Accounts, Cognitive Match notes:

The infographic was a nostalgic reminder that in 2008, the usage of Twitter was still in an ‘early’ state. Since then, the adoption of Twitter has mushroomed. Barak Obama followers have increased by 25700% in four years.

Not only has his popularity increased, but his tweet “Four more years” has broken the record for most popular tweet with 780,000 retweets. Now that digital has become such an integral part of everything we do, I wonder how the next four years will be shape out until it’s time to the ballot box once more.