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Microlearning: Email Deliverability

This new bitesize module, one of over 70 in the Microlearning library, offers key pointers on improving your email deliverability in under three minutes.

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A Guide to Digital Marketing Tools

1. Introduction In response to the exponential growth in marketing technology solutions available over the past few years (Figure 1), this report aims to provide a practical overview of 60 popular and peer-recommended tools in four main categories. Figure 1: Number of martech solutions globally Source: Chiefmartech’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic 2018 lists more […]


"Globally, the average click-through rate across industries and geographies is 4.2%"

From targeting to deliverability and open rates, the Internet Statistics Database contains all the latest stats and market data around email and eCRM, for you to browse, save and export.

Planning email marketing

Key uses of email marketing and the common challenges marketers face when planning campaigns.

Email testing

Top tips to maximise the powerful tool of testing in email marketing.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Webinar

In this Econsultancy Trends Webinar we look at some of the key trends around email practices, including key insights and benchmarks from our latest Email Census Survey 2018, considered the definitive piece of industry research in the email marketing space.

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In a blow to marketers, Google will let users opt-out of remarketing ads

Life continues to get more and more difficult for marketers, particularly those who target users as precisely as possible.

Earlier this week, Mozilla announced that it has added Opt-in Tracking Protection to Firefox Quantum, the latest version of its popular browser. Opt-in Tracking Protection enables users to block trackers, many of which are used by ad networks, all time time. Previously, Firefox blocked trackers only when users were browsing in private mode.

Email/eCRM Performance Benchmarks

What does good look like? Search and compare against hundreds of email/eCRM performance metrics, from bounce rate to click-through, with Econsultancy’s Performance Benchmarks tool.

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