Software as a Service (SaaS) tools help email marketers look smart by keeping it simple - so long as the techies who designed them understand how their customers 
do things.

There’s been an increase in the number of marketers who are sending out their own campaigns – at least that’s what the DMA’s latest Benchmarking report says.

This is a trend to be welcomed by companies like mine. As an industry, most ESPs have worked hard to make improvements in the usability of email software we offer customers, and if that is helping drive the production of campaigns in-house, I think that suggests we’re doing it well.

If marketers want more control over the content – and speed of turnaround – for their customer communications, then a SaaS model is the best way to achieve it.

Three years ago, when we started the business here in the UK, things were a little different.

Ask any email marketer to describe what it was like to resource and run their own email campaigns in 2005 and they’d be likely to say things like “labour intensive”, “time consuming” and “clunky”.

Huge strides have been made since then in making interfaces intuitive and reducing the number of people required (and how long it takes them) to execute the campaign.

Usability is the key that unlocks a marketer’s ability to take advantage of all those neat tricks we are constantly being told to use to “maximise ROI” from our email programmes.

Technology companies need to bear in mind what so many marketers were taught back at school - “Keep It Simple Stupid”.

Michael Weston is the MD of




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