Email marketers ranked clickthrough rates as the most important metric when reviewing their campaigns, although one in 20 don’t bother to measure results at all, according to EmailStatCenter.

A study we carried out earlier this year painted an even worse picture, with almost one in two respondents failing to measure the success of their campaigns

Some 345 US-based marketers responded to the EmailStatCenter survey. We’ll list a few highlights after the jump…

  • 95% bother to measure the results of their email campaigns, with more than half looking at the data within 48 hours. 18% look at results on an annual basis.
  • CTR and delivery rates are considered the most important email metrics, while total subscribers and the number of forwards are considered to be the least significant. Surprisingly, ROI and conversion rates – perhaps the most important metric of all – were somewhere in the middle.
  • Many marketers are disappointed with the quality of email metrics that are available, giving an average score of 5.73 out of 10.
  • Just one in two respondents said they use metrics for budgeting and forecasting purposes.

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