We’ve recently published our

2007 Email Marketing Buyer’s Guide
 and although the sector is as full of challenges as ever, clients and suppliers are still reaping rewards from what is a highly effective channel for acquisition and retention.

Despite the almost total commoditisation of email broadcast services, continuing junk email problems and increasingly discerning consumers, we estimate that the market will be worth £221 million in the UK this year, up 24% from 2006.

That valuation represents the total revenues of the email service providers operating within the market, and follows an increase of 20% in the previous year.

From the research, we find that marketplace competition is driving consolidation and innovation, particularly in the integration of email marketing within broader business strategies and the adoption of more strategic services by clients.

Although there is clearly still some way to go, there is also an increased understanding among marketers of the RoI opportunities offered by best practice email communications.

The guide itself covers 27 email marketing suppliers and service providers, with a list of tips and pitfalls for buyers and a ‘SWOT’ analysis of the marketplace. It also provides detail on the issues and trends affecting the sector, as well as guidance about how to select the right platform.

The report can be downloaded here. A free sample is available to see the full list of contents.