Here’s a selection of recent email related stats, taken from a range of source, including Econsultancy’s Email Statistics document, which forms part of the Internet Statistics Compendium, and other reports…

Market size and growth (Econsultancy Email Marketing Platforms Buyers Guide)

  • The UK market for email marketing platforms and services was worth £254m in 2008 and is predicted to grow by an estimated 15% to a value of £292m by the end of 2009.

Econsultancy chart - value of UK email market

Open and click rates (Epsilon)

  • Epsilon stats from Q2 of 2009 found that 14 out of 16 industries
    experienced an increase of 18% or more in email open rates compares with Q2 2008, while click rates
    remained at 5.9%.
  • Financial service companies’ emails were most likely to be opened, with an average open rate of 35.6%
    in Q2 2009, compared with 28.4% the previous year. Retail email, by comparison, had an average open rate of just 13.4%.

Smartphones and email usage (ExactTarget)

  • Smartphones with internet access have had the effect of increasing email activity amongst users.  43% of Blackberry and 41% of iPhone owners say that they have used email more often over the last six months, compared with 26% of non-smartphone users.
  • Two-thirds of smartphone owners say they use email on their phone, a 5% increase over the last six months.

Social networks and email usage (ExactTarget)

  • A recent ExactTarget study suggests that social networks have contributed to increased email usage:

ExactTarget chart

  • Email is used more regularly than social networking for personal communication. 79% of respondents use email as their primary mode of communication, only 10% use social networks. (Epsilon


  • Two fifths of Europe’s email marketers don’t know if their email messages are being successfully delivered. (Return Path)
  • Only 18% of companies know what percentage of their email budget is lost through non-delivery. Company respondents said that 10% of email is lost through non-delivery on average, though agencies estimate this to be even higher at 14%. (Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census)
  • Email deliverability is still an issue for companies, with an average of just 79.3% of permission-based commercial emails reaching inboxes in Canada and the US. (Return Path)