EMI has revealed that 10,000 people have downloaded its new music app, ‘NOW That’s What I Call an App’, in the first week since its launch.

As the name suggests, the iPhone app creates a library of all the music included on EMI’s ‘NOW’ music archive.

Users can access playlists for each individual NOW album dating back to 1983, and then preview, purchase, rate or comment on the songs.

They can then create their own playlist to mix and match tracks from different decades.

The app also includes Facebook integration, so users can share their creations and comment on friends’ choices.

The user-generated playlist with the most comments and likes then appears in the ‘top playlist’ chart for the entire user base to see. 

Each NOW playlist can also be accessed and listened to through Spotify.

NOW Music digital marketing manager Alex McCloy said the rapid growth of smartphones was seen as an opportunity to update the NOW brand.

We wanted to develop a product that would help extend the brand into the rapidly growing app space, providing our consumers with a platform to engage time and time again with the ever growing NOW catalogue.”

The new app, which was created by Noise Inc, seems like a good way to do this – using digital media and the integration with Facebook and Spotify to help raise the profile of the NOW collections.

According to stats published in the Guardian, compilation CDs are still among the best selling albums each year, so EMI needs to make sure it keeps the brand relevant.

However, while 10,000 weekly downloads is a decent figure, especially for week one, it isn’t yet troubling the top ten list for free music apps in the App Store.

Perhaps more encouragement to interact from EMI, with gig tickets, competitions, or even picks from the artists included on the compilations would create a richer content strategy that uses the app as a hub.