Similarly, interaction rates for mobile have more than doubled in the last year (up 105.63%) to 22.64% in Q3 2013.

However desktop video has also performed strongly, with CTRs up 151.15% to 5.45% and interaction rates up 170.74% to 15.08%.

The increase in engagement and CTR tallies with an increase in spending on mobile video advertising, which grew by 1,260% from £1.7m in the first half of 2012 to £23m in the first half of 2013.

Overall, mobile adspend in the UK grew to £429.2m in the first half of 2013, with paid search accounting for the majority (63%) of this total with £271m invested in this channel.

The winners in social video among smartphone brands

Previous research from Unruly found that Nokia received 17% of all online video shares among smartphone brands, second only to Samsung which dominated with more than half (52%) of shares.

Apple came third with 9.4% closely followed by Sony (7%) and Blackberry (6.7%).

However Samsung’s impressive performance is thanks in no small part to the high number of videos it has launched over the years, so it’s potentially a case of quantity rather than quality.

Looking at the three most shared smartphone ads of all time, Samsung came first and third with ‘Unleash your fingers’ and ‘S4: sound and shot’ respectively, while the Nokia Lumia 800 came second with its Deadmau5 stunt in London.