The Unruly report highlights this sickly sweet Budweiser Super Bowl ad as one of the FMCG success stories from Q1 – it currently has more than 11m views on YouTube. 

The automotive sector also had an impressive start to the year, achieving a 377% increase on the previous quarter and accounting for 9% of total online shares.

However autos ads actually achieved a relatively disappointing performance at the Super Bowl, a period it has dominated for the past few years.

For example, VW followed up its hugely successful ads ‘The Force’ and ‘The Bark Side’ with this dreadful ‘Get In Get Happy’ creative, although it was still the fifth most shared Super Bowl 2013 commercial with 340,133 shares.


Entertainment maintained its position as the most shared vertical in Q1 2013 (29%) thanks largely to the performance of two hugely successful trailers for ‘Fast & Furious 6’.

Universal used the Super Bowl to kick start its campaign then followed up its big game spot with an extended look video two days later.

The extended look video even outperformed the game day ad and the two trailers combined generated a whopping four million shares (41.6% of entertainment’s shares).

The only other noteworthy entertainment campaign is this short ad for The Simpsons. It jumped on the Harlem Shake bandwagon and achieved 568,111 share in Q1. 


The FMCG sector was the second strongest performer in Q1 with 8.7 million shares.

The aforementioned Budweiser ad became the second most shared Super Bowl ad of all time with 2.4 million shares after the drinks brand built excitement around the creative by launching it online several days before the big game.

Neft vodka’s ‘Bad Motherf***er’ ad also performed well, achieving 962,367 shares off the back of its appeal to fans of violent video games and women in bikinis.