Etailers should already be working hard to optimise their websites for this year’s predicted Christmas online shopping boom, according to UK e-commerce consultancy Logan Tod & Co.

A study by YouGov found light shoppers, who accounted for a quarter of online spending last Christmas, are set to drive much of the increase in online sales this year.

The group is set to spend 57% more this year, while spending from heavy shoppers is predicted to increase by a more modest 28%.

These light shoppers are predominantly from the over-50 age group, and CEO Matthew Tod believes that retailers will need to adapt their websites to suit this demographic. He says:

“Advanced features such as gift finders and product comparisons are not highly sought after by older shoppers, who instead look for search functionality, easy navigation and clear, well-written copy.”

 The top five features that light shoppers are looking for are:

  • Good site search function (67%)
  • Well-written text that explains the product clearly, accompanied by high quality images (55%)
  • Delivery options which are clear and convenient (44%)
  • A site which is easy to navigate (42%)
  • Product availability information that is clearly displayed (38%)

All good advice, and things that all e-commerce websites should be looking to offer, whether they are appealing to light or heavy shoppers.

Earlier this year, Logan Tod predicted that Christmas online retail sales in the UK would hit £10bn in 2007.

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