Paul Fisher has an excellent round-up of European seed and first rounds of VC investment from 2006. He reveals that more then £144 million was raised by 54 European Web 2.0 companies last year.

In his post, Paul points out the rapid growth in investment levels – in 2005, just £24 million was invested into Web 2.0 companies. That figure rose to £79 million in 2006.  

The top ten investments were:

  1. Wiggle
    – a sports retail site. £12 million invested by Isis.

  2. Fon
    – a Spanish wifi sharing site. £12.33 million invested by Sequoia , Google and Index.

  3. Viagogo
    – an online ticket exchange. £9.9 million invested by Index ventures and Atomico.

  4. Aggregator
    – a web TV service. £9 million invested by Amadeus , Intel Capital and 3i.

  5. Igglo
    – a Finnish real estate site. £8.51 million invested by Benchmark and Taivas.

  6. Bebo
    – the social network. £8.5 million invested by Benchmark Capital.

  7. Netvibes
    – a news aggregator. £8.17 million invested by Index Ventures and Accel Partners.

  8. WAYN
    – a travel social network. £5.5 million invested by Esprit and angels.

  9. WazUp

     an email service. £5.2 million invested by Innovacom & Wellington Partners.

  10. Dailymotion
    – a video sharing site. £4.77 million invested by Atlas Venture and Partech.

Index Ventures was the most active of the VCs in 2006, and Paul points out that a couple of trends, such as companies using third party web services as a platform, as with autoquake and auctioning4u, both of which help people sell on eBay.

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