It seems that internet usage across Europe is continuing to rise, with a European Interactive Advertising Association survey revealing that time spent on the internet has increased since last year.

The EIAA Mediascope Survey interviewed over 7,000 people in 10 mainly Western European countries. As well as time spent online, the report revealed an increase in broadband use and the rise of social networks.

Key findings included:

• The average European internet user now spends 11 hrs 20 mins a week online compared to 10 hrs and 15 mins a week in 2005, an increase of 11%. This means that the average European is now online 5.4 days a week.

• 23% visit social network sites at least once a month, a figure which increases to 32% for the 16-24 age group.

• Broadband penetration is highest in the UK, France, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, with an average of 85% across these countries.

• 47% of respondents believe the internet is the best form of media to find what they want quickly.

The results of this survey are broadly similar to a wider European survey of internet use carried out by Eurostat, the EU’s statistical office, earlier this month.

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