April’s Agenda

Registration – Kings Place, 90 York Way, London

8:30 – 9:15

2023 Digital Trends: Dynamic CX, creative problem solving, and the shifting digital economy

After three years of continuous behavioural change, customer engagement is becoming more and more immersive. Now in its’ 13th year, the Adobe Digital Trends Report has charted rising stars, shifting landscapes, emerging platforms, and customer expectation fluctuations.

Join Adobe’s Steve Allison & Quentin Derome with Econsultancy’s Jim Clark as they explore the stand-out trends that we should all be aware of as we continue to navigate the effect of the seismic change of the last three years.

This session will explore:

  • Year-on-year trends, why are organisations less likely to feel they are meeting customers’ needs in 2023 compared to last year’s survey?
  • The priority investments and strategies brands will deploy in 2023 to meet customers’ evolving expectations.
  • Ways in which organisations are harnessing content to differentiate their brand and drive new levels of empathy.
  • The role data mastery and evolving AI will play in enabling brands to not only reinvent customer relationships today but embrace the experiences of tomorrow.

Quentin Derome
Practice Director, Digital Strategy Group

Adobe. Steve Allison
Technologist and Storyteller

Adobe Experience Cloud UK. Jim Clark
Commercial Research Director


9:15 – 9:45

Ecommerce headwinds: How can marketers build resilience in 2023?

How are marketers in ecommerce businesses adapting their strategy and tactics this year?

We talk to three business leaders about the challenges in ecommerce with recession on the horizon. What does 2023 mean for acquisition and media mix, lifetime value, channel strategy, new revenue streams such as retail media, and more?

Ben Carter
Global Chief Marketing Officer

carwow. Deirdre Mc Gettrick
Founder and CEO

ufurnish.com.  Ottokar Rosenberger
CEO / NED / Adviser. Richard Robinson


9:50 – 10:20

10:00 – 10:55

Masterclass: Data-driven agility in marketing

This highly interactive session brings to life some essential practices and mindset shifts that can help marketing teams to learn fast using data, avoid bias in decision-making, and maintain the highest levels of agility.

Brought to you by Econsultancy

Roundtables 1 – 5

See appendix for roundtable topics

Connected experiences in FMCG: From a product-led to a service-led business

In this talk, Jos Harrison will look at how we can engage people with meaningful connected experiences that strengthen brand purpose as well as contributing to revenue.

He’ll discuss the importance of ensuring each step in the experience fulfils its objective while forming a connection to other touchpoints – and how this can ultimately shift FMCG businesses away from a product-led to a service-led business model.

He’ll also explore how we can re-educate businesses to ensure future-proofing, and above all – how businesses and brands have to do ‘well’ in order to do good.

Jos Harrison
Global Head of Brand Experience and Design


10.25 – 10.55

Break for refreshments

10.55 – 11.15

The evolution of social marketing: how brands are working with communities and creators

Amidst the growth of TikTok, increasing demand for video content and disruption to ad targeting, we ask three marketers how community engagement and influencer strategy is evolving at their brands.


Claire Hoang Head of Social Marketing ITV Studios. Rebecca Carter Head of Social Media Ogilvy Health. Claire Gibbs, Senior Manager, Strategy and Planning EMEA, Hilton. Moderator: Ben Davis Insights Editor Econsultancy.

11.15 – 11.45

11:25 – 12:20

Masterclass: Data-driven agility in marketing

This highly interactive session brings to life some essential practices and mindset shifts that can help marketing teams to learn fast using data, avoid bias in decision-making, and maintain the highest levels of agility.

Brought to you by Econsultancy

Roundtables 6 – 10

See appendix for roundtable topics

Future-proofing analytics strategy at Specsavers

In this fireside chat, Specsavers’ Global Head of Digital Analytics James Saukinsey talks to Lynchpin Analytics founder Andrew Hood about the optical retailer’s move to Google Analytics 4.

They’ll discuss the brand’s approach to analytics, and the future of measurement on the web, including the ramifications of moving from cookies and identifiers to an event-based model of user engagement.”

11:50 – 12:20


12:20 – 13:30

The Multigenerational Multiverse: How Marvel designs social content for its many different audiences

Marvel’s Executive Director of Social Media, Adri Cowan, shares insight on how her team addresses a wide span of digital audiences for a global legacy brand, ranging from casual movie-goers to diehard comic book fans spanning multiple entry points.

She will cover which social media platforms work best for a particular age group within the world of fandom, what kinds of content formats they develop for each, how trial and error has become the most pivotal element of discovering what works for their differing demographics, and how brands can use these techniques to reach their own audience range, without alienating one or the other.

Adri Cowan Executive Director, Social Media Marvel Entertainment

13:30 – 14:00

There’s Two sides to Every Dragon: How to Fire up your eCommerce for a Chinese Audience

Jonathan Travers-Smith, CEO and Founder of Hot Pot China, presents the eCommerce must-haves when it comes to connecting with a Chinese audience. In this fun and informative session you will learn, with uncensored case studies, of brands hitting and missing with their eCommerce in China. You’ll also learn how to embrace the challenge of China, and win with, rather than fear the Dragon.

A few of the session takeaways:

  • Valuing the inbound Chinese eCommerce opportunity in the UK and wider Europe
  • What are the right eCommerce platforms to be on when considering market entry in China
  • What are the latest Chinese eCommerce trends that you need to be aware of in order to win with Chinese consumers
  • Examples and analysis of brands who have succeeded with their eCom strategies in China

14:05 – 14:35

Break for refreshments

14:35 – 14:50

Helping Davids beat Goliaths: How AI in marketing is helping challenger brands beat the established competition

More information for this session will be announced soon.

14:50 – 15:20

15:00 – 15:55

Masterclass: Customer centricity and personalisation

Personalisation is key in providing outstanding customer experiences, making customers’ lives easier and increasing customer lifetime value. Getting personalisation right, however, requires organisations to have a deep understanding of customer needs and to place those at the centre of all that they do.

This session will draw on insights from Econsultancy research and you will learn about:

  • Moving to a more customer-centre approach as a competitive advantage
  • The importance of empathy in supporting market-leading CX and responding to challenging times
  • The tools and approaches available to support the adoption of more customer-focused processes, strategies and tactics
  • Personalisation across the customer journey, and how these highly relevant experiences can drive loyalty, engagement and conversions

Brought to you by Econsultancy

Roundtables 11 – 15

See appendix for roundtable topics

The 2023 Consumer Outlook: Navigating the next six months

With energy prices falling and at least some labour disputes resolved, the country is emerging from a grim winter into a tentatively hopeful spring.

Nicole Wilkins, publisher at Foresight News – an essential calendar platform of forthcoming news and events – will look at what will be capturing the consumer’s imagination over the next six months as the King’s coronation kicks off a summer of public events and sporting celebrations, leading into a ‘down to brass tacks’ autumn as the next general election looms.

15:25 – 15:55

Digital Shift Live

Will AI kill paid search? Will AI kill the content farms? Will AI kill us? Join Stefan Tornquist, SVP for Learning and Research as we whip through the latest innovations and trends at the intersection of commerce, technology and marketing.

Econsultancy Live’s closing session will also include a special gift for delegates!

Stefan Tornquist, SVP Research and Learning, Econsultancy

16:05 – 16:35

Event close

16:35 – 16:40


Roundtable session descriptions

Roundtable 1 & 11

Great customer experiences in 2023

What does recession on the horizon mean for customer experience?

Discuss some key questions with your marketing and ecommerce peers:

What does great customer experience look like in 2023?

Can it be a differentiator?

How should businesses organise for CX?

How to balance commercial value with customer centricity?

Brought to you by Econsultancy

Moderator: Ben Davis Insights Editor Econsultancy


Roundtable 2 & 6

Overcoming ecommerce challenges

There are plenty of challenges facing ecommerce businesses this year. Join your peers to discuss:

Customer acquisition and the bottom line: What are brands doing to try to drive down ecommerce CACs?

Channel and category strategy: From understanding supply and demand, to creating great content

How are brands innovating across marketplaces, retailers and D2C?

Performance and optimisation: What is making customers convert today?

Brought to you by Econsultancy

Roundtable 3 & 8

Closing the digital skills gap

According to the 2023 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey reveals over a third (34.4%) of the more than 3,000 marketers surveyed say data and analytics skills is the key gap within their team.

In this roundtable we will discuss how to address the various skills gaps that have evolved in organisations: data & analytics, content & copywriting, social media skills, performance marketing, ecommerce skills – and how we can begin to close them.

Brought to you by Marketing Week



Roundtable 4 & 7

The present and future of content

In the Marketing Week 2023 Career and Salary Survey, content specialists were those most in demand right now, and yet no-code tools in social apps and generative AI advancement point to an uncertain future.

In this roundtable, we’ll discuss:

Content overload – how to succeed in an ever-more saturated landscape

Trends in social content – from ads and influencers to organic

The future of content creation – by man or machine

Brought to you by Econsultancy









Roundtable 5 & 15

2023 Digital Trends: A deep dive

Following their opening session, Econsultancy and Adobe will discuss the Digital Trends 2023 findings in more detail and explore what resonated most with you and why.

From keeping up with customers’ evolving CX expectations to content proficiency and the application of data and AI in delivering experiences, this is your chance to ask the experts.

In the face of economic headwinds, this is an unmissable opportunity to discuss and unlock new ideas to tackle customer experience pain points over the rest of 2023 and beyond.

Brought to you by Adobe




Roundtable 9 & 13

Influencer marketing in 2023: Navigating the practice in the current climate

Influencer marketing is continuing to grow in the current challenging climate, and as a result, many brands are seeking cost-effective ways to maximise their influencer budgets.

In this roundtable session, Influencer Intelligence invites you to join the conversation, learning from a group of likeminded peers on the current state of play within the space.

The roundtable will invite attendees to discuss the following topics:

What does great influencer marketing look like?

How is the current climate affecting the practice?

What are the current outcomes that marketers using influencers hope to deliver?

The decline of ‘influencer advertising’: Are you finding more success with long-term partnerships and using tiers of influencers?

Brought to you by Influencer Intelligence

Moderator: Sarah Penny Content & Research Director Influencer Intelligence and Fashion & Beauty Monitor

Roundtable 10

Customer needs and the cost of living crisis

How can Marketing react to changing consumer behaviours, as shoppers tighten their belts and put spending decisions on the backburner.

This roundtable session will explore:

Understanding consumers’ needs to remain high on their priority list

Delivering value for consumers throughout the consumer journey at every touchpoint

Working with agency partners to maintain a loyal customer base

Investing marketing spend and managing boardroom expectations

Brought to you by Oystercatchers








Roundtable 12

The data and measurement paradigm shift

The goal for marketers working with data remains to glean insight. But there’s lots of change happening in data and measurement, particularly in digital.

We’ll discuss the following questions:

How are shifts in ad targeting and privacy standards affecting marketers?

How are marketers measuring effectiveness?

What does data aggregation and activation look like across the organisation?

From loyalty and CRM to retail media, how are first party data strategies evolving?

Brought to you by Econsultancy

Moderator: Charlie Gavin Client Director Econsultancy







Roundtable 14

Embrace the Challenge and Win with China

In this bespoke roundtable session, Jonathan will answer your questions on every aspect of optimising your eCommerce strategies for success both in China, and when connecting with Chinese consumers overseas. With relevant case studies that fit the profile of those brands joining, Jonathan will share interesting, and at times frank, examples of the challenges that brands face when they look to navigate this market. Jonathan will also answer your questions irrespective of your stage or presence in the market.

A few of the session takeaways:

Thought-starters for evaluating your current eCommerce marketing in China

Tailored Q&A on any questions for entering or optimising your China strategy, including any related to:

  • Platform specific queries on Chinese eCommerce including JD and Tmall
  • Pitfalls that you should be aware of when entering the market and/or connecting with overseas Chinese consumers
  • Pairing broader brand-building and insight-led marketing with your eCom

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