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Festival of Marketing

London, October 2017

The Festival of Marketing is a unique experience where ambitious marketers can discover, learn, celebrate and shape the future together. As the largest global event dedicated to brand marketers, the Festival reflects the very nature of marketing – seamlessly blending inspiration and practical application.

Digital Intelligence Briefing 2017

Singapore, October 2017

We know the first Digital Intelligence Briefing is not enough to cover the entire digital marketing spectrum. This second Digital Intelligence Briefing on 11th October will continue to highlight the most important digital trends and developments (curated by our research analysts) you should be aware about, and also sharing the latest trends, best practices and data on digital roi and customer experience.

Briefing: Marketing Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for 2018

Singapore, October 2017

If you are going to start working on your marketing plan for 2018, you probably want to know what are the marketing trends, challenges and opportunities for next year. Professor Mark Ritson will be in Singapore on 13th October to share with you his predictions.

Digital Therapy Live

London, November 2017

Digital Therapy Live is our brand new event dedicated to providing a cure for your digital angst. It’s part of our Digital Therapy programme for 2017, a mixture of events and webcasts running throughout the year.

Digital Cream Singapore

Singapore, November 2017

Sixth year running, Digital Cream Singapore is part of Econsultancy’s international series of events to help brands, retailers and publishers improve their online businesses. This event's unique format is a 'hands-on' roundtable forum for the most senior client-side digital marketers in APAC to explore experiences, compare benchmark efforts, and discuss/learn from others who face the same challenges with suppliers, technologies and techniques. The roundtable format is a quick and sure-fire way to find out what's worked and what hasn't, an invaluable opportunity to take time out and come back to the office full of ideas. It’s also where they discuss their future online strategies moving and compare with like-minded peers in a personal and confidential setting.