Social media is a complicated landscape with several established and emerging social networks vying for our attention.

Yet the one constant in recent years has been that Facebook remains the undisputed king of social in terms of active users and time spent on-site – for the time being at least.

And this is reflected in the fact that on average businesses spend 41% of their social advertising budget on Facebook, compared to 18% on LinkedIn and 17% on Twitter.

But the split is even more extreme when looking at responses from agency staff, who claim that Facebook accounts for more than half (53%) of their clients’ budgets.

The findings come from the new Econsultancy/Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, entitled Optimising Paid Media, which is based on a survey of more than 600 Econsultancy and Adobe subscribers.

The report explores the topic of media optimisation and how companies can ensure the most effective use of their budgets in helping them to meet their business goals.

How is your / your clients’ social advertising budget split between the following properties?

Types of social advertising

The report also drills down into the specific types of ad units in which businesses and agencies are investing.

Facebook newsfeed ads proved to be the most popular channel among business respondents (66%), followed by Facebook marketplace ads (45%) and Promoted Tweets (40%).

The agency perspective is even more favourable, with the majority (84%) of respondents saying that newsfeed ads are most popular among their clients.

With business and agencies so willing to spend their budgets on Facebook ads it’s hardly surprising that the social network’s total ad revenue for the second quarter of 2013 reached $1.6 billion, which represents an increase of 61% from the same quarter last year.

Which types of social advertising do you (or your clients) invest in?