It’s important to note that these results only reflect brands using the Kenshoo Social platform, so are not representative of the entire Facebook ad industry.

However it’s still a useful indicator of the improved performance that brands are seeing from Facebook ads as they continue to refine and optimise their campaigns.

Other key stats include:

  • Ad impressions are up 13%.
  • Click volume has increased 14.4%.
  • Revenue per click is up 1.76x.
  • Return on investment increased 3.04x.

According to Kenshoo there are several factors in play that have caused the increase in KPIs.

Firstly, Facebook has continued to simplify and improve its ad products, delivering more high performance news feed inventory as well as improved targeting capabilities and larger, more engaging formats.

Furthermore, advertisers are becoming more experienced in using Facebook ads and are promoting their most relevant products, customising ads and tracking each touch point in the customer journey across various digital channels.

The study includes analysis of KPIs spanning more than 85 billion ad impressions across a representative sample of advertisers and agencies using Kenshoo. 

Cadbury case study

Mondelez discussed the strong results that it saw from Facebook ads at our Festival of Marketing conference last week.

EU social media manager Jerry Daykin presented the results from its Cadbury Crème Egg ad campaign, which focused heavily on organic and paid Facebook content.

This ‘Smell like a Crème Egg’ update was one of a number of posts that was promoted using news feed ads. It reached a natural audience of 188,000, but paid media helped it to reach 1.45m people.

These are the overall results for the campaign over the three months:

  • 15.2m Facebook users were exposed to the posts, with an average frequency of 7.6 impressions.
  • 18-24 year-old users were reached nine times on average.
  • 4.63m interactions were driven by paid media at a cost of 8p cost per engagement.
  • As a result, sales of Crème Eggs increased by 7%.

These are the full results from Kenshoo’s report.