The efficacy of Facebook advertising may still be yet to be determined for many advertisers, but that hasn’t stopped brands from pouring big money into ads on the social network. With more than 750m users, Facebook is simply too appealing a platform to ignore.

When it comes to scaling ad campaigns on the social network, however, advertisers have had limited options. But that could soon be changing.

Yesterday, Facebook officially launched its Ads API, which gives companies programmatic access to Facebook’s advertising platform, enabling the creation of tools that make it possible to create and manage campaigns in bulk, track ad performance and execute different bidding strategies.

Before yesterday, only a handful of companies had access to the Ads API. As Inside Facebook notes, some of these companies would add additional fees of their own, or take a piece of total spend. But they were the only game in town, making it hard for major advertisers and their agencies not to deal with them in some fashion. Now, companies that meet certain requirements and pass a screening conducted by Facebook will be given access to the Ads API.

With the roll out of the API to a broader audience, advertisers both large and small could soon see the release of many new tools that will, in the end, making advertising on Facebook a more efficient process. That, for obvious reasons, is good news for advertisers.

Will Facebook ads come to rival Google AdWords? That remains to be seen, as the two ad offerings have many differences. But with the ability to create and manage Facebook campaigns just as easily as they can AdWords campaigns, we may see some advertisers allocating more to their Facebook budgets.